Saturday, April 24, 2010

Playdate & Baby News

Yesterday morning Rylie got to play at Kendall's house! Too bad it was raining & the girls had to stay inside, but they still had lots of fun! They were so excited to see each other & there was lots of running & shrieking going on! Kendall showed Rylie her play-doh sets & they played stickers & colored & played in her Elmo kitchen & ran around some more!

Then we took our girls to lunch! They wanted to sit by each other in the booth, but they're kinda trouble when they're together at lunch! hehe So we had to separate them across the table!

Rylie & I brought strawberry cupcakes we made the night before & both girls ate good lunches so they each got one! Rylie dug right into hers!

And loved it!!

Kendall enjoyed hers in a more "neat" way! hehe
We had lots of fun with you guys! Thanks for letting us come over & play!

Then last night Rylie & I took dinner to my friend Tiffany whose baby shower we had in February. She had baby Ella Grace on Monday! Big sister Kate is just precious with her!
I also want to send congratulations to my cousin Adam & his wife Kristel who had their first child, Samuel, on Tuesday! AND I'm also very excited to say our good friends Erin & Eric had their baby boy yesterday! Finally we have a name-Caiden Everett! I knew it'd be a "C" name for some reason! lol He decided to arrive 2 weeks early! Cant wait to meet Samuel & Caiden soon! We're still waiting on my sister to pop now! lol She's due in a little over a week, but it could be any minute! They're looking to induce her next week if she makes it til then.
Also, if you think this Spring baby boom will be the end of it haha you're so wrong! Three good friends announced the past few weeks they're all expecting this Fall/Winter! The waves just keep on coming! We're so excited for Andi, Courtney, & Laura & wish them the best during their pregnancies!

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Becca - said...

Adorable pics! I'll have to steal them! Thanks for coming over. Hopefully the next play date will be dry. The girls REALLY need to run! ha!