Thursday, April 15, 2010

New Shoes & Grocery Deals

I went to Payless today to get Rylie those cute green sandals while she was in school this morning. I saw them on Kellys blog the other day & just fell in love with them! They were on sale for $10 & doing BOGO so I ended up getting her some pink/purple sneakers too. They're both very comfy on her & have very thick, skid-resistent soles. She can wear the sneakers to school all summer since they have "no open toe shoe" policy. She was excited to try them on & wear them around the house when she got home from school this afternoon!

Ok so after getting her new shoes this morning I went to our local HEB. For those of you outta Texas, HEB is a huge grocery store & pretty much every medium-sized town has at least 3. I've never been a fan of HEB. I've always done grocery shopping at Walmart until we moved to Houston & started shopping at our brand new Super Target. My friends here thought I was crazy. They all love HEB! Well, our neighborhood's getting a brand new HEB in August literally 2 minutes down the street! (The other grocery stores are at least 10 minutes away.) So I plan to start shopping there when it opens. I've been checking out their weekly ads now to get familiar with what they have. So I went today to the next closest HEB to get my first deals & I was very pleased!!

Now I already did our huge grocery run on Monday, so I only got the meal deals today. Check this out! I bought the lunchmeat & cheese on the left & got everything on the right for FREE!! Sweeeeet!

Then I bought the HEB hamburger patties on the left & got this drink & bag of chips FREE too! Awesome! So I had turkey sandwich and chips for lunch & we did hamburgers for dinner. It was all really good!

I ended up saving over $12 today with just HEB coupons alone! How cool is that?! I got 20 items for $26. I'm so excited with this new knowledge of these deals at HEB. hehe I'll definitely start planning our meals around these specials they have! I've tried clipping coupons & then forget to bring them to the store. And I've tried getting CVS bucks on their specials, but it was hard to follow. So I'm pleased with these HEB deals. The coupons are all in the store (or you can view/print them online) so it's pretty easy. I'm sure I'm the last person in Texas to discover these! haha But I dont care.
Where's your favorite place to get groceries? I'm always asking my friends this! lol


Becca - said...

I LOVE HEB!! I don't get many of the meal deals. I just like that they carry every brand and always have plenty of it. Plus, it's so much nicer than Walmart! Glad to see you're converting. He He!!

~Shelly~ said...

Uve never done the meal deals before!!!!? ive been doing that for like 5 yrs lol! sometimes the stuff they offer isnt that great but alot of times its good stuff!

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

I used to shop at HEB when I lived in Waco and was happy to do so as there weren't many other choices. I like Kroger and Walmart here in Dallas! We may have an HEB somewhere, but they aren't very prominent in Dallas. I love the shoes, I saw Kellys blog too and plan on getting Savi some shoes!

Tiffany said...

Oh you have such a sweet blog! Love the shoes - especially the sandals!

grandma said...

with the meal deals at HEB if the items you get you don't like you can give to a food pantry! just a thought.