Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Little Bit of Kindermusik

Rylie was so excited to go to Kindermusik today & tell Miss Sandy about her big girl panties!
We did the Mommy-child boats again, which she loved! Today was continuing mostly on boats in our transportation theme.

Then they got shakers & danced around!

Video of Rylie jumping-she jumps like crazy at every class!

And they did shakers on their head & on one leg. hehe

Then they did a parachute & made it look like waves that boats sail on!

Then they got in their boats & did towel rides. Rylie's friend Cady was her only outside-class-friend there today.

And after story they did chimes which Rylie loved!

And a new activity-bouncy balls! They were supposed to show Miss Sandy the different bounces-smooth & rough, part of this lesson on boats & music together. Rylie just threw hers around since bouncy balls are one of her favorite toys! They all had a "ball" hehe!

So another successful potty day so far! We'll see how this afternoon goes after Rylie's nap though! =)

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