Thursday, April 22, 2010

Kindermusik Social Butterfly

Miss thang dressed for Kindermusik yesterday....a little over dressed but she wanted her jewelry & matching purse. We took jewelry off for class! hehe

Rylie has the "Hello" song memorized & sang the whole thing at the start of class! First they pat hello to their friends, then clap hello to their friends....

Then they tap hello & wave hello to each friend!

Then they did a new activity where they were "steamrollers" in this transportation theme! They had to roll across the "street". Funny thing is....all the moms realized our kids had never rolled like this before! ha So we had to spend some time showing our kids how to roll across the mats first. lol

Rylie didnt quite get it. lol She kept bending her legs up & getting to a sitting position. We worked on it when we got home & she now knows how to roll! lol

Then they were "jackhammers" in the "street" &  got to jump up & down a lot! I dont think Rylie liked this part at all....


She's clearly not having fun huh?? =)

Then they got their shakers out

And did a train dance with them

And then got their drums! We get to make our own drums at home before our next class!

Then it was the ball fun again! Rylie actually did good this time with listening & doing the bouncy parts & smooth rolls when it was time for each!

Then we did a motion dance around the room before singing goodbye.

We dont have Kindermusik next week & I'm not sure what we're gonna do! We meet again in 2 weeks though so we cant wait to return!


Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

You know I LOVE her dress!!!! So cute:)

Becca - said...

I LOVE the dress. I don't remember seeing that in stores. LOVE it!!!