Thursday, April 8, 2010

Kindermusik & Farewell to Friends

Rylie had her usual Kindermusik class yesterday. She woke up saying "Hi Sandy?" hehe Then she always lists off all her Kindermusik friends' names on the way to class!

This class (in continuing with transportation) was all about boats & we're also including lessons on smooth sounds & bumpy sounds. They got to play & experiment with their hoola hoops first. They tried to keep it steady & roll them. Then they used them as "boats" again & did the smooth, then bumpy song like they did in Monday's makeup class video.

Then the kiddos got really wound up today! I think some Easter candy has lingered in them! hehe So we moved on to a very quiet, calm activity. They all made little boats out of their hands & did different movements with them.

Then we made boats each with mommy & child & pulled each other forward & back. Rylie got a huge kick out of this!

So I had to get those big smiles on camera!

Then they did the boats in the baskets! They havent done this activity since they were very little!

Rylie loved it! We went back & forth between smooth gliding & then bumpy rides in their "boats."

We had to get a group picture of all our kiddos in their little "boats!"

And after quiet time, Miss Sandy read a story about a sailboat. Rylie's Mimi will appreciate this-Rylie shouted during the story "lighthouse!" at the picture in the book. Rylie's Mimi has a house in Maine & has lots of lighthouse books & such around her house here in Houston. So Rylie's become very found of lighthouses! hehe

After class a few of us went to lunch. Our friends pictured here Julee & little Charlotte had their last "after-Kindermusik-lunch" with us! They are headed out soon to CHINA! We're going to miss them, BUT they'll be back later this Summer and great news-when they return, they'll be living down the street from us! They're house is being built while they're gone. We're so excited for them & cant wait to hear all about their trip when they get back! I'm actually going to another lunch with Julee today, but since Rylie's in school this was her last one with Charlotte. She's sure gonna miss her friend "Char-char" as she calls her & the rest of this Kindermusik session wont be the same without them!