Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hayden Has Arrived!

Well my sister had her baby yesterday! Hayden Glenn arrived at a wopping 9 lb 9 oz & was 22 in long! Good thing she was induced almost 2 weeks early huh? He sure is a hefty thing! I dont have great pictures to post at this moment, but they did send me some small camera pictures & I think he looks just like my sister Sarah! Hayden's big brother Isaac is very excited he's finally here! Rylie's reaction was.....

"I'm not the baby anymore?!" lol She's no longer the baby of that side of the family!

"Well.....ok I guess." We talked about all night how she has a new baby cousin to play with! We also made a video for Hayden, Isaac, & Sarah.

Hehe! Gotta love her honesty huh? She really is excited though & after all this talk of a new baby, she decided to go play with her babies.

So we practiced changing a baby's diaper...ya know in case Hayden needs Rylie's help or something.

And made sure it was on good & tight.

Then she put her baby to bed & practiced her hoola hoopin....ya know in case Hayden needs entertaining sometime. hehe

And finally I leave you all with a knock-knock joke. It's a Rylie original!

(Translation: Rylie-"Knock knock" Me-"Who's there?" Rylie-"Rylie here!" Me-"Rylie who?" Rylie-"Rylie roo!" I swear she's come up with this all on her own!


Rosie said...

Absolutely adorable!! Congrats to your sister and her healthy baby!

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Congrats to your sister! Excuse me while I go pray that I don't have to deliver and almost 10lb baby:)