Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Fun with Kendall

I'm gonna backtrack for a second here with some picture from last Wednesday! That afternoon Rylie & I stopped by Kendall's house because Kendall had some Easter goodies for Rylie. She's always so sweet to get Rylie cute things for holidays. So Rylie had some Easter goodies for Kendall too!

Kendall was excited to give Rylie her basket! Rylie started pulling the stuff out to check it out!

Then I got her to hold her basket for a picture! Kendall really went all out on Rylie's cute little basket!

The only picture I could get of them both holding their baskets hehe It aint easy now when they're 2 1/2!

Then the girls wanted to play right away. Rylie gave Kendall some stickers in her basket & they wanted to put them on Kendall's coloring books. I think they already went through all the new stickers!

Then Rylie went to Kendalls little fold out sofa & patted it for Kendall to come sit by her. They were being so cute, Kendall's Mommy got some good pictures of them!

My favorite! They've really come a long way since their first days in Kindermusik!

Aww sweet girlfriends!

Thanks again Kendall for the Easter goodies & sharing your toys!
Pictures from our Easter Sunday will be up tonight!

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Becca - said...

Precious!! Our girls are just too stinkin cute!