Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Early Morning Kindermusik Makeup

Yesterday morning I took Rylie to a makeup Kindermusik class (we still had one from when she & I were sick for 2 weeks back in March). Usually when Rylie's in another class without her friends, she gets kinda shy but not this time! She was just so excited to be there! And they did the same activities as last Wednesday, so they were still fresh in her mind & she did each one like a pro!

Got her "wings" for the airplane activity!

She always walks on her tippy toes in Kindermusik-I finally got it on camera!

Then they did the hoola hoop-boat activity.

Rylie loves the jumping up & down part!

Then it was quiet time-and again Rylie always grabs her favorite towel, the blue one. She lays down immediately & then says "Light off. Fwash-wight (flashlight)." She loves being pulled around & watching her flashlight on the ceiling.

Then they skipped storybook this time & went straight to instruments. Rylie always gets up with hers & walks in a circle around the room. I figured out why-that's what they do with the instruments on music day at her school! hehe

And she always runs to me after I take each picture & says "See Rylie!" hehe She sure didnt learn that from her Mommy....nope...no way. lol

Then they did a music activity to a song that sounds like a music box or song you'd hear in a jewelry box maybe. They twirled around & then fall down & do "drums" on the floor.

Rylie had a lot of fun & she's so excited she's got her regular Kindermusik tomorrow too! Two classes in one week-oh boy!


Rosie said...

Hey, I found a Kindermusik class in Waco! It's actually a girl that I graduated with, so if the schedule fits, I'll be able to take my little man to it!

Ashlee McCrary said...

Yay! That's great! You'll love it!