Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Church & The Great Outdoors!

Ever since the church service on Easter morning & the recent talk of Daddy doing work at church, Rylie's been asking to go to church. She walks around saying "Church. Hallelujah!" hehe I've been meaning to take her by myself the past few Sundays but we finally made it 2 days ago!

We even left early & stopped for donuts! Rylie requested a "chochy" donut (chocolate) as usual! lol She really looked like she was on cloud 9 & couldn't wait to go to church! She sat with me during the service & did very well. She kept asking for "Hallelujah" though since it was a song we sang on Easter. Then we had to leave early because she had to go potty & then insisted on going "bye bye." Overall it went well & we'll probably visit this particular church again soon.

Yesterday Rylie & I spent practically all day outside! It was a very pretty day! She played outside at Kendall's house for a little while in the morning (pictures of that coming later) & Kendall got these new foldup chairs (like the 1 above). My jaw dropped when I saw that chair! I've been looking for over a year for a child's foldup chair with cupholder for Rylie! So we ran out to the store after playing with Kendall & finally got Rylie one of her own!

Rylie loves her little chair & lounging outside! Thanks for finding these Becca!

She took quite a few breaks sitting in her chair while playing outside! Her house behind her is almost done & she already loves it!

She did a lot of jumping too!

I love her so much!

We also took a ride in the wagon around our street & then moved her basketball hoop outside so she could shoot hoops! We're really enjoying a lot of time outside lately before this Texas heat really makes it unbearable!


Becca - www.thatstoocute.net said...

Yay! I'm glad they still had the chairs. It's funny that ya'll got the purple one. The purple one at our house is the one Kendall picked out to be "Rylie's Chair" when she comes over to play!

I hope to post the pics sometime soon....maybe this week. he he!!

Julee Casey said...

Rylie is adorable!! Is that your personal jumper... if so.... Charlotte would love to jump with Rylie!! We miss you guys!! :)

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

The chair is very cute. We have a little pink one for Savi. Ok so I'm intrigued about church. I tried to take Savi a couple weeks ago and she hated being in the nursery (away from me) It was awful. I haven't brought myself to go back. Maybe I can just hold out till 2 and like Rylie she can sit with me in church?