Friday, April 9, 2010

Bluebonnet Pictures Galore!!!

Call us crazy, but there's just something about taking pictures in the bluebonnets in Texas! I dont think I've ever put this many pictures in 1 post before, but here's all the good ones that turned out! And since my Photoshop's acting up, they're all unedited! We actually went twice for bluebonnets pictures-once last night to get family ones & then this morning to get pictures of Rylie & Kendall. So enjoy!

One of my favorites! She was posing!

Then Rylie & Kendall pictures!

"Here Rylie, smell the flower!"

Kendall kept wanting Rylie to smell the bluebonnets!

Heading back to the cars!

Stopping to watch the puppy walk by!

Have a great weekend!


Becca - said...

Great pictures. I took 140 pictures today! YIKES!

grandma said...

Awesome pictures! great subject -----RYLIE!!!!! pretty pictures too!

EMonaghan said...

Those turned out soo cute!