Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hayden Has Arrived!

Well my sister had her baby yesterday! Hayden Glenn arrived at a wopping 9 lb 9 oz & was 22 in long! Good thing she was induced almost 2 weeks early huh? He sure is a hefty thing! I dont have great pictures to post at this moment, but they did send me some small camera pictures & I think he looks just like my sister Sarah! Hayden's big brother Isaac is very excited he's finally here! Rylie's reaction was.....

"I'm not the baby anymore?!" lol She's no longer the baby of that side of the family!

"Well.....ok I guess." We talked about all night how she has a new baby cousin to play with! We also made a video for Hayden, Isaac, & Sarah.

Hehe! Gotta love her honesty huh? She really is excited though & after all this talk of a new baby, she decided to go play with her babies.

So we practiced changing a baby's diaper...ya know in case Hayden needs Rylie's help or something.

And made sure it was on good & tight.

Then she put her baby to bed & practiced her hoola hoopin....ya know in case Hayden needs entertaining sometime. hehe

And finally I leave you all with a knock-knock joke. It's a Rylie original!

(Translation: Rylie-"Knock knock" Me-"Who's there?" Rylie-"Rylie here!" Me-"Rylie who?" Rylie-"Rylie roo!" I swear she's come up with this all on her own!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Church & The Great Outdoors!

Ever since the church service on Easter morning & the recent talk of Daddy doing work at church, Rylie's been asking to go to church. She walks around saying "Church. Hallelujah!" hehe I've been meaning to take her by myself the past few Sundays but we finally made it 2 days ago!

We even left early & stopped for donuts! Rylie requested a "chochy" donut (chocolate) as usual! lol She really looked like she was on cloud 9 & couldn't wait to go to church! She sat with me during the service & did very well. She kept asking for "Hallelujah" though since it was a song we sang on Easter. Then we had to leave early because she had to go potty & then insisted on going "bye bye." Overall it went well & we'll probably visit this particular church again soon.

Yesterday Rylie & I spent practically all day outside! It was a very pretty day! She played outside at Kendall's house for a little while in the morning (pictures of that coming later) & Kendall got these new foldup chairs (like the 1 above). My jaw dropped when I saw that chair! I've been looking for over a year for a child's foldup chair with cupholder for Rylie! So we ran out to the store after playing with Kendall & finally got Rylie one of her own!

Rylie loves her little chair & lounging outside! Thanks for finding these Becca!

She took quite a few breaks sitting in her chair while playing outside! Her house behind her is almost done & she already loves it!

She did a lot of jumping too!

I love her so much!

We also took a ride in the wagon around our street & then moved her basketball hoop outside so she could shoot hoops! We're really enjoying a lot of time outside lately before this Texas heat really makes it unbearable!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

School Spring Fling & Girls' Night In

Yesterday was the Spring Fling fundraiser event Rylie's school hosted! It benefited the Houston Children's Fund. Sounded like fun so we took Rylie early in the afternoon.

Alllllll she wanted to do was jump! This thing filled up fast though with bigger boys so we decided to take Rylie to look at other things at the event...

There was a book fair inside where Daddy bought her 2 new books!

And there was face painting! She got her 1st face painting done-a flower on one side & butterfly (her favorite) on the other!

She loved the face painting!
There was also a band/DJ, booths a few vendors set up selling things, food, drinks, silent auction, raffle.....

But then Rylie wanted to "slide" on the playground next to the event! It was kinda hot & we told her this but she insisted! It wasnt too bad thankfully.

Climbing up the rail on the playground! Overall, it was an ok event & for a great cause so we're glad we stopped by!

After Rylie's nap David had to work a wedding at his church so Rylie & I planned a girls' night. It didnt quite go as planned. We had to run out to the mall real quick for just a second, but there was bad traffic that delayed us. So we rushed in & out. I asked Rylie what she wanted for dinner & her answer was "Donuk (donut). Strawberry donuk. TWO donuks!" hehe We ended up getting pizza takeout & the place was extremely slow too. So we got home kinda late, watched Ariel while we ate, then she got her bath. She wanted to lay in "Mommy bed" with me so I let her for awhile til Daddy came home. We watched Veggie Tales a little & she was being so sweet & snuggling with me! Ahh I love those moments! Wish I could hold her forever! SO that was our Saturday!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Playdate & Baby News

Yesterday morning Rylie got to play at Kendall's house! Too bad it was raining & the girls had to stay inside, but they still had lots of fun! They were so excited to see each other & there was lots of running & shrieking going on! Kendall showed Rylie her play-doh sets & they played stickers & colored & played in her Elmo kitchen & ran around some more!

Then we took our girls to lunch! They wanted to sit by each other in the booth, but they're kinda trouble when they're together at lunch! hehe So we had to separate them across the table!

Rylie & I brought strawberry cupcakes we made the night before & both girls ate good lunches so they each got one! Rylie dug right into hers!

And loved it!!

Kendall enjoyed hers in a more "neat" way! hehe
We had lots of fun with you guys! Thanks for letting us come over & play!

Then last night Rylie & I took dinner to my friend Tiffany whose baby shower we had in February. She had baby Ella Grace on Monday! Big sister Kate is just precious with her!
I also want to send congratulations to my cousin Adam & his wife Kristel who had their first child, Samuel, on Tuesday! AND I'm also very excited to say our good friends Erin & Eric had their baby boy yesterday! Finally we have a name-Caiden Everett! I knew it'd be a "C" name for some reason! lol He decided to arrive 2 weeks early! Cant wait to meet Samuel & Caiden soon! We're still waiting on my sister to pop now! lol She's due in a little over a week, but it could be any minute! They're looking to induce her next week if she makes it til then.
Also, if you think this Spring baby boom will be the end of it haha you're so wrong! Three good friends announced the past few weeks they're all expecting this Fall/Winter! The waves just keep on coming! We're so excited for Andi, Courtney, & Laura & wish them the best during their pregnancies!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Kindermusik Social Butterfly

Miss thang dressed for Kindermusik yesterday....a little over dressed but she wanted her jewelry & matching purse. We took jewelry off for class! hehe

Rylie has the "Hello" song memorized & sang the whole thing at the start of class! First they pat hello to their friends, then clap hello to their friends....

Then they tap hello & wave hello to each friend!

Then they did a new activity where they were "steamrollers" in this transportation theme! They had to roll across the "street". Funny thing is....all the moms realized our kids had never rolled like this before! ha So we had to spend some time showing our kids how to roll across the mats first. lol

Rylie didnt quite get it. lol She kept bending her legs up & getting to a sitting position. We worked on it when we got home & she now knows how to roll! lol

Then they were "jackhammers" in the "street" &  got to jump up & down a lot! I dont think Rylie liked this part at all....


She's clearly not having fun huh?? =)

Then they got their shakers out

And did a train dance with them

And then got their drums! We get to make our own drums at home before our next class!

Then it was the ball fun again! Rylie actually did good this time with listening & doing the bouncy parts & smooth rolls when it was time for each!

Then we did a motion dance around the room before singing goodbye.

We dont have Kindermusik next week & I'm not sure what we're gonna do! We meet again in 2 weeks though so we cant wait to return!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Rylie 2.5

On Monday Rylie officially turned 2 1/2 years old! I feel like we're really in for it now since everybody says it's the later 2's & early 3's that are really hard! But every child is different so we're just sitting on the edge of our seat waiting to see what Rylie does next!

Ok what are you up to now Rylie? Hmm...let's see.....

-You LOVE Ariel!
-You are pretty much fully potty trained. We still have occasionally 1 accident every few days or so. You just love being in big-girl panties & now think all your clothes are called "big girl."
-You would rather skip dinner & eat cookies every night....but you cant little missy! Sorry!
-You still love your bed & have no problems at nap or bedtime.
-Your favorite foods are turkey & cheese sandwiches or lunchables, meatballs, applesauce, yogurt, crackers, bananas, pancakes, cheese toast, cheerios, cookies! You pretty much eat the same stuff all the time but it's what you ask for & like!
-You LOVE to be outside & ask to take your baby for a walk every day! You love just walking outside, looking for airplanes or birds, playing on a playground, jumping in your bounce house, anything outside!
-You still enjoy your school & learn so much! You always surprise us with things you've learned at school!
-You are so funny how into cars you are! You point out cars like our neighbor miss Dee, your friends Jaiden, Kendall, Cady, and cars like Mommy & Daddy, and even jeeps that look like "Gaga's" Jeep!
-You are so social & curious & ask "what's that" for everything!
-You are so sweet & just the best little girl in the world!

Now we're in a bit of a debate on something. Rylie is now 2 1/2 & still in her crib. Her pediatrician said to keep her in there unless she climbs out until she turns 3. She has still never tried to climb out of her crib. She loves her bed & sleeps great in it! We dont need this crib for another baby anytime soon so we have no reason to rush her into a big girl bed. But I feel like she's ready with the recent potty-training. We've just seen her do so well with that & listen to us when we say she cant go potty in her panties. So we figure she'll do good & listen to us when we say "stay in bed."

Here's the thing though-and one of the main reasons we've waited this long to do this-Rylie's room is 1st of all upstairs. Ours is downstairs. If she does get out of bed I'm worried I wont hear her (even with monitors) & she could get into things she shouldnt. The special door knob child-proof things were a waste & she's already figured them out a year ago. Another thing, her bathroom is connected to her bedroom (see picture above) so we'd have to close that off somehow. I dont want her getting out of bed & trying to play with the water in the tub, fall in, crack her head open, or drown! See, I'm already thinking the worst things that could happen!

Sooooo what do the Mommies (and Daddies) out there have for kind suggestions? Should we wait until she's older or give the toddler bed a try? Any tips on the dilemmas above? I've also put a general poll at the top! Thanks for your support!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Playground Morning with Mommy

I took Rylie to the playground Friday morning to burn off some energy. She woke up excited & asking to go "slide!"

She sat on the swing for awhile at first.

Then went to the little slide first. She remembered what her friends showed her on St Pattys Day! hehe

Then I had her take a picture like we did last year. Look how she's grown since last March!

Then her & I hung out at the top of the slide. She was kinda lonely without her friends there so I got to burn off energy too! lol

She loved the noise this wheel made! Too funny!

Then she got brave & went on the big slide! And after several "one more time's" later we headed home!
After her nap, Mimi came to pick up Rylie & she stayed the weekend over there. Mimi's going out of town for a few weeks so she wanted to get her Rylie fix before she did.

So Saturday David & I drove all over creation to almost every Toys R Us looking for this cute little playhouse for Rylie! It was in an ad for $20 off so we really wanted it now, especially since we hadnt found a swingset we liked yet.

We finally found it & showed Rylie the box Sunday when she came home. It was a rainy day so we couldn't set it up yet. But she was excited about "Rylie house!" She also called it her lighthouse! lol Lots of fun Summer play days ahead!