Thursday, March 4, 2010

Where We've Been....

Sorry for the delay in posting. Last weekend Rylie came down with a virus. She couldnt keep food down & then had horrible diarrhea. She wouldn't eat or drink anything so she became dehydrated. Her Dr office was completely booked & could not see her in any way, so they told us to take her to our Texas Childrens Hospital. We took her on Monday & they were able to give her prescription to make her tummy feel better so she'd want to drink. She finally got fluids down & felt better, thankfully without having to do an IV. She was much better Tuesday. That night David & I had tickets to opening night of the Houston Rodeo to see Alan Jackson. We had a blast while Rylie stayed with her Mimi! Then when we got home from that I got really really sick, possibly Rylie's virus, possibly food I ate at the rodeo-we dont know. I spent all day yesterday just sick to my stomach. Thankfully I still had prescription for nauseau from my gallbladder surgery. Once I was finally keeping fluids down I took those. They helped a lot. I'm finally feeling better today but still on a light diet & taking it easy. I have lots of pictures from this past week that I'll try to upload soon!

Can you believe we're already in March?! I've been enjoying this extra cold weather & not ready for our Texas Summer heat that'll be here soon! Anyways, hope you all have a good weekend ahead!


Rosie said...

You are the ONLY person from TX I've heard say they aren't ready for summer.
So glad Rylie is better and hopefully tomorrow you'll be 100%.
you're so lucky to have gone to the Houston Rodeo! My family is involved with that and everyone got to go this year but me :( There's just too much drinking and walking for me to keep up with. Can't wait to see pics.

Ashlee McCrary said...

I know it's funny everybody I know says they're sick of the cold weather! I'll bet they'll be wishing we had more of it when we hit 101ยบ days in July! I guess that's just my northern childhood in me tho!