Monday, March 8, 2010

This Aint My First Rodeo!

Well, actually it was my first Houston rodeo!

I'm finally getting this blog out from opening night of the Houston rodeo last Tuesday! Ugh I hate falling behind on the blog, but it's been crazy! I've got lots of pictures though, so sit back, relax, & enjoy!

So by last Tuesday Rylie was fine with her tummy bug & was happy to play at Mimi's house again while we attended the rodeo.

As soon as we got there, we walked around the shops & livestock exhibits. Then we grabbed dinner. David & his bbq sandwich & beer. Me & the funnel cake I ate after the corndog. I almost didnt put this picture up because it makes me sick to look at. Not sure if my tummy bug I got later that night had anything to do with Rylie's bug or food I ate at the rodeo. Mine only lasted 1 day thankfully!

Then we were on a mission to find out when Alan Jackson would go on. Everybody told us different times, so we just headed to the arena early. We saw the calf scramble (pictured), wagon races, barrel races, muttin bustin, & more!

I was overly excited to be there! hehe This was my first real concert to ever go to! Well, I take that back. I did see Steven Curtis Chapman at a church concert years ago. Does that count? So this was either my 1st or 2nd concert ever, but Alan Jackson's a big deal! So really my 1st major one!

Setting up the stage!

There's Alan! I couldn't believe how much older he looks now! This was his 18th time to perform at the Houston Rodeo! I grew up listening to him living in a country hick town outside of Waco. hehe Good times!

We had really great seats!

Great shot of mister Alan Jackson! He's kind of a big deal ya know. He played all the good stuff...."Remember When," "Chattahoochie," "5 o'Clock Somewhere," "Dont' Rock the Jukebox," "Mercury Blues," "Summertime Blues," "Livin on Love," "Little Bitty," "Where I Come From," "Drive," "Where Were You (When The World Stopped Turning)," one other newer song I didnt know, & then his newest single out now from his new album out later this month!

David in front of the stage

It's so funny I didnt recognize him. I still think of him as the guy from his first few cd's with long curly blonde hair! ha

So excited! I'm such a cheeseball. lol

"Where I Come From...."

Go Astros!

Finale......50,000 fans attended!

Overall we had a great time at the rodeo & concert, even though we didnt ride any rides. I'm not a big ride person myself, but hopefully next time we can go on the ferris wheel! hehe It wasn't until over an hour after the concert ended, when I got home that I started feeling sick. I was up all night Tuesday night & the next morning just so sick. Thankfully David's mom came & got Rylie on Wednesday for me so I could just lay down. I'd never felt so desperate! lol I felt completely better by Thursday & we've all been ok since then thank goodness!

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Rosie said...

Good thing you got sick After the rodeo b/c the Houston Rodeo + Alan J. are def. not something anyone would want to miss. How exciting & great pictures. And your funnel cake looked delish!