Friday, March 19, 2010

Sweet Friends & Weight Loss

Today Rylie & I met up with our friends Becca & Kendall last-minute for lunch while out running errands. Our girls love having lunch together! They always want to hold hands walking back out to our cars afterwards & give hugs. Today Kendall was giving Rylie lots of hugs!

So sweet! They love being good friends!

Speaking of eating lunch, I've been eating very healthy lately & am so proud to say I've lost 10 lbs now! It's happened pretty quick too. I'm surprised. I seriously just woke up one morning & decided to not eat junk anymore. Just like that. I have been so sick lately of hearing celebrities fitting in their bikinis just weeks after having a baby. And I'd see friends' pregnancy pictures where they're far along & yet my stomach looked like theirs! lol 

I had no more excuses-my child's almost 2 1/2! haha So I stopped drinking soda (which would make me bloat) & stopped eating sugar (my weakness!) & eat very little carbs. I've been sticking with good salads (fat-free dressing), vegetable soups, raw fuits & veggies, & lean meat. I bought a lot of healthy food at the store yesterday to hopefully keep me going! I havent even been working out. I barely dragged out the treadmill last night & ran for the first time. This was mostly a cleansing or detox but now I'm gonna really work at it & hopefully firm up by Summer!

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Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

I think you look great but good for you! Keep up the good work. I'll make up for both of us and eat all the calories:)