Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring Back Into Kindermusik!

Yesterday (Wednesday) we finally returned to our regular Kindermusik class with our friends! Between her being sick, then me being sick, then Spring Break, we havent been to our Wednesday class in 4 weeks! Rylie really missed her friends & has been asking for "Miss Sandy" every day! So before class I treated Rylie to a donut. All morning she repeated "Do-nup!" She loves them!

We were a little early for class & Rylie was excited Miss Sandy had some books about airplanes out for the kids to look at before class. Rylie's new interest lately is airplanes. Their current Kindermusik CD has a track with just airplane sounds on it & Rylie requests it all the time in the car!

Then they got to do an airplane song & be airplanes! Rylie was crouching down low & getting her "wings" ready for take off!

Then they got some ribbons to use as "wings" too!

Then we did a kinda "follow the leader" song. I kept trying to catch all of Rylie's big smiles, but my little camera was too slow! This was the best one I caught.

And they added some bells to that activity too

After quiet time, they got to explore some instruments. Rylie always gets this clapper one. She has a Disney Princess one at home that came in an instrument set for Christmas & we have to hide it sometimes. lol It's loud, but it's her favorite!
Oh & Rylie's favorite-the parachute!

Semi-caught one of her big grins! hehe
We're so glad to be back in our class!

After Kindermusik, Rylie & I headed to our local outlet mall. The swimsuits I got Monday at Carters were all too small =( & I needed to get a few items at the outlet mall anyways, so we headed to that Carters location to run some errands.

On the way there, we had a girls lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings. Turns out kids eat free there on Wednesdays!

"Hmm...what to order...."

After lunch we headed to the mall. Rylie kept saying "Shopping Mommy!" hehe Lemme just brag about my girl for a second. I was really worried she'd be fussy the whole time since it was getting late & time for a nap, but she was a perfect angel the whole time! She just sat in her stroller with her lovey & never complained once. She just looked around & occasionally said "I like that!" hehe Then she fell asleep in the car on the drive back home through lots of traffic & pouring rain! It was a success!

Now I'm going to add one more thing (as if this post wasnt long enough already hehe)....Rylie's favorite book is "The Very Hungry Caterpillar." We've read it to her since right after she was born! A few weeks ago her class at school did a lesson on it & actually had real caterpillars there & everything. So Rylie's obsession for the book grew. She's now got practically the whole book memorized! Here's video of her reading us the story on Tuesday night.


Sandy said...

Wonderful pics of Rylie in Kindermusik. Speaking of taking about her vocal development!!!!! She is off to a super start with reading. Love the video. I am smiling with such delight. You are a great mom to Rylie!!!! Anytime you want to load your pics on the Kindermusik with Sandy fan page would be a plus. Blessings and strength

Becca - said...

It looks like Rylie was really happy to be back to music! Love the donut picture. I'm SHOCKED that you let her eat that in the car! BRAVE woman!

Ashlee McCrary said...

Thanks Sandy!

Yeah I ONLY let her eat that in the car because I wrapped it in a napkin & put her bib on! She made no mess with it thankfully! This picture was when we got to Kindermusik & I took the donut out of the napkin for her to eat the last 2 bites. Next time we'll leave early like planned & eat at the donut shop! hehe