Sunday, March 14, 2010

Saturday Kindermusik Makeup Class

Yesterday morning David & I took Rylie to the Saturday family Kindermusik class for a makeup. She missed 2 classes from her & I both being sick earlier this month. David finally got to do a class with her! So naturally I took a million pictures! =)

Singing hello....this class is completely different from Rylie's Wednesday class. We knew no other kids in there & it was a different lesson. This class has been doing activities related to special places people go-farm, zoo, aquarium, & park. So yesterdays class was a recap of all those places so they got to "go" to all of them!

Tiptoe-ing, marching, & flying around to all those places!

Then while they were at the "zoo" they heard a frog sound. They each got instruments that make a sound like a frog!

They got to play with those to a song about the frogs....

Then Rylie decided the sticks looked like more fun so she stole them. hehe

Then they got ready to go to the park. There were flies at the park, so they got their scarfs to wave & "shoo" the flies away to another cute song!

Rylie just wanted to play with hers instead. lol

Then it was Rylie's favorite part-winding down time on the towels. The lights go off & the kids get flashlights to play with.

Then they had to sit down & rub their ears to listen for the next part. It was Rylie's favorite-"Wheels on the Bus!" They took a bus ride to the aquarium!

There was a "whale" on the parachute they got to bounce up & down like a whale swimming! Rylie loves the parachute!

Then they took a trip to "Grandpa's farm" & danced with ribbons!

And played all kinds of instruments for the animals at the farm!

Quick break for sugars!

Then they got to drive "Grandpa's car" around the farm! There were pictures of farm animals on the walls they were "driving by"!

Coming to an end...waving bye bye!

This was a really fun makeup class & I'm glad we got to go as a family & share this with David! We're on break from Kindermusik this week for Spring Break, so we'll be back in 2 weeks!
I'll post next about the 2 birthday parties Rylie attended after this Kindermusik class!

(PS-BTW, since Rylie loves the Kmusik hoola hoops so much, the Easter bunny got her one for Easter a month ago! She's going to get one on Easter & I'm having a hard time waiting till then to give it to her! haha)

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Becca - said...

It looks like Rylie enjoyed having her Daddy in class. Looks like David had fun too! Cute pics