Monday, March 22, 2010

Sarah's Baby Shower & Ft Worth Weekend

Saturday morning we headed up to Waco for my sister Sarah's baby shower! Waco had a cold front come through & we went from 70-something weather on Friday in Houston to 30's & 40's Saturday in Waco! And this was the first day of Spring?

Sarah had a good turnout at her shower & got tons of things to get ready for baby Hayden! She's due in just a little over a month now!

My mom, her 2 kids & 2 (and a half) grandkids!

Sarah & 2 of our aunts who could make it & our cousin Vanessa

Rylie was the life of the party at the shower! She was dancing & just talking to everybody! Her dress was appropriate for it since she was being a "social butterfly" the whole time!

Isaac's "Big Brother" shirt my friend Becca made!

After the shower, we headed further north to the Ft Worth area to visit our good friends Erin & Eric (Ryle's Godparents). They're also due the same week with a baby boy! They're keeping the name a surprise though! We arrived just in time to meet up for dinner. It started snowing while we were eating too!

We woke up early the next morning to snow!

So Rylie & I quickly got dressed & headed out to play in it!

She & I made a very little snowman.

Then Daddy came out & decided our snowman needed a buddy!

So there ya go! I'm sure these 2 kept Erin & Eric company after we left hehe

We sure picked a great weekend to visit them! It was fun having another snow day since Houston's chances really are slim-even though we've had 2 the past 2 years.

Good thing we checked Ft Worth weather too before we headed up & packed extra warm clothes!

After playing in the snow, we went to breakfast with Erin while Eric had to work. Rylie was very intrigued by her "baby belly" & thought for a minute there was a baby in her belly too! hehe Such a cute girl! We had such a great time visiting with everybody! After breakfast we made the long drive back home! Hopefully we can make this trip again in May & meet the 2 new little baby boys who will have arrived by then!


Becca - said...

What fun! I love the belly pictures! That makes sense now why Rylie was showing us her belly yesterday!

Rosie said...

I see you had the shower at Spice? Did you like it?

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

The 2 belly pictures at the end are so funny/precious! I love it!

EMonaghan said...

It's a good thing you didn't get my belly in all its glory :) I was great to see you! You need to send me those pics too!

brandy said...

of course i know who you are :) love seeing your pics on facebook!! and happy to know you have a!