Thursday, March 11, 2010

No Pictures Post of Updates

Soooo since I last posted about the Rodeo, I ended up getting sick again. Ugh! It's been a long 2 weeks in our house!

So here's what we've been up to-a whole lotta nothing. After the rodeo last Tuesday yall know I got sick until Thursday. So I was feeling fine last weekend. Rylie started going #2 on the big girl potty, which was the last step in her potty training! So were excited for that! David worked at the church for a wedding Saturday so Rylie & I hung out at his mom's house & had dinner there. Then on Sunday we worked in our yard. The freeze we had this past winter killed parts of our landscaping so Rylie & I worked on mending things all morning while David worked at the church again. Then we just ran errands. On Monday, Rylie & I stayed home all day catching up around the house & playing. Everything was fine until Monday night. All of a sudden I got a bad sore throat, chills, body aches, & a headache. I barely ate dinner & then went to bed. Tuesday I got Rylie to school & immediately went to our local Walgreens clinic to get tested for flu & strep throat. Both came back negative, so I bought some medicine & a ton of gatorade & came back home. After a good day of rest I felt much better Tuesday night! Yesterday I was almost 100%-just still a sore throat. Rylie & I stayed home all day again & caught up on a ton of laundry. Today I'm feeling much better & my sore throat's almost gone. I've still never had a fever so the Dr said I'm fine to be around people. We're just so done with sicknesses!!!

All of this has really made me afraid to ever have another kid! ha Seriously, I dont know how other moms do it with more than 1 child. I think I could handle 2 sick kids, but I really dont think I could handle taking care of 2 kids while being sick myself! Those other moms who do it are my heroes!

Well we're excited to get back out in the social world this weekend! Rylie's got a makeup Kindermusik class (she's missed the past 2 Wednesdays) & then 2 birthday parties! Hope yall have managed to miss all this yucky crud going around! Sorry I've got no pictures. Havent taken any since the rodeo! I just wanted to update yall & mostly for my benefit remember what all's been going on.


Rosie said...

Yuck! Being sick yourself is NO fun! Hope you enjoy your weekend in the social world!

Malinda said...

Glad you're feeling better. Yay Riley for going #2 in the potty. I know what an accomplishment that is for not only her, but YOU too.

The Pifer's said...

I hate to hear that you have been sick :( Hope you get to feeling back to 100% sweet friend and that y'all STAY well!