Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Irish Girl on St Patty's

Yesterday morning I took Rylie to our local playground for a playdate with some girlfriends! It was very nice weather & all her friends looked so cute in their GREEN!

Rylie & Cady swinging!

Rylie on the big-girl swing!

All the kiddos swinging! Rylie's friends Charlotte (left to Rylie), Kendall (right to Rylie), & Cady (far right) were able to make it!

Then they had fun on the slide!

And Rylie's friend showed her a fun way to go down the slide! hehe Rylie's new favorite thing. As long as it's still feet first, it's all good!

An attempt at a group shot!
(Charlotte, Cady, Rylie, Kendall)
Mine didnt come out so I stole this from Becca, Kendall's Mommy! I didnt take as many pictures myself because I only had my small camera. This was a lot of fun seeing our friends! After the playground we had a good lunch! Then I changed Rylie's clothes & took her to get school spring pictures taken. I cannot wait to see them! They were allowed to bring a prop so of course we picked Kitty! Hope everyone had a great & lucky St Patrick's Day!

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Becca - said...

Cute pics! I've started my blog post. Just haven't published it yet! The girls were adorable!! I'm looking forward to many play dates this summer!! Kendall (& I) love them!!