Saturday, March 13, 2010

Kendall's Swingset Playdate

Rylie's BFF Kendall got a new swingset last week & she was kind enough to invite Rylie over to try it out yesterday! We've been lookin into getting Rylie one of her own for awhile now. We saw one we liked & were waiting for a sale but it's got some bad reviews so we're still in the process of searching for the best one for Rylie! It was great to see her try out Kendalls though so I knew what to look for in ours! Oh & yall bear with me....I really did feel like I needed to add every single one of these 20 pictures! ha!

First they tried out her double-seat swing & loved it!

"Where'd Kendall go?" I love this picture.

Then they scoped out the slide. Rylie did so great climbing that ladder on her own. I was impressed. She was also a little too eager there & was always right on Kendalls tail going up the thing. lol

They were so cute! I love this picture!

Cute one of Kendall! Always smiles!

My pretty girl

Another time on the double swing!

Rylie's all "Hi Mommy!"

Then Kendall wanted to pick up "leafs" off the ground (aka grass) & put it in her basket. So Rylie helped her do that.

Such a cute picture! Kendall was so thrilled Rylie helped her!

Then Rylie wanted to "climb yellow" & try the rock wall type side

And she did really good! Kendall's Mommy Becca helped her up there.

Then Kendall tried it out & made it up too! Then they both wanted to climb it over & over again. We finally convinced them it was quicker to use the ladder to get to the slide! hehe

Then Rylie wanted to try the bucket swing! It's one of her faves!

She had so much fun playing at Kendall's! Thanks again Kendall for the invite!

After playing we grabbed a quick lunch, then I took Rylie with me to run my car through the carwash. She was so funny & said "Oh boy! Thank you Mommy!" hehe It's like a special treat for her. She loves going through the carwash! I thought she'd take a good nap when we got home. Nope! She just talked & sang. Then she got quiet for 30 minutes.....then started talking & singing some more. That went on for almost 2 hours before I gave up. So I got her little bouncer out & we played in that for awhile. I didnt take any pictures though! Girlfriend was sure tired after that for bed! hehe


Becca - said...

Awww, such cute pictures!! I love them!! Kendall wants Rylie to come over and play again soon. We got the sand box filled up this morning. So, Rylie will have to come over and test it out too!

~Shelly~ said...

What bad reviews did Kinleys get? We havent had any problems with ours.

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Looks like a gorgeous day to be outside on that playset!

Becca - said...

I finally posted my pics of the girls and I didn't steal any of your pics either! Ha! Although I should have. You got some really cute ones!!