Monday, March 15, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Kate & Kai!

I didnt mention before but while Rylie was sick a few weeks ago she missed out on her friend Raegan's birthday party. =( Rylie was very bummed. She saw that bouncer across the street & I felt bad she had to miss it. So glad she's getting out with friends again! So after the morning Kindermusik on Saturday, we brought Rylie home to nap. Since we woke her early that morning it wasnt hard for her to go down. Then that afternoon she had 2 birthday parties! We know how special it is to have Rylie's friends at her birthday party so we always try our hardest to attend the parties she's invited to. So we ran around & made it to both! Her friend Kate's was 1st. She just turned 2 & had a Barney party!

Cady & Rylie jumping on the trampoline!

Going down the slide!

Bubbles time! Those are Rylie's friends there-Charlotte in the blue, birthday girl Kate in the pink/purple, & Cady on the right. None of her other friends could make it.

Rylie loves this roller coaster! She doesnt look it, but she had  fun on it!

Riding the wheel carts!

They were supposed to pick up the "treasures" here for the birthday girl. Rylie was too tired so she held the cup & Charlotte picked them up for her. lol

Then they got to run around the parachute!

Birthday girl Kate loved that!

Then we sat under the parachute & sang Happy Birthday to Kate!

And then she got to eat her cupcake & open gifts! We headed out a little early though.

Then we rushed over to catch Kai's party a little late. He turns 2 this week & had a construction party at a jumping place!

Rylie going up the monster slide! She had no problem this time going by herself. Last time we were here was last July & she barely made it. lol

Going down the slide!

This moonwalk was empty so she jumped her little heart out!

And going down a little slide in another moonwalk!

After a little jumpin it was time to eat! Rylie gobbled up her slice of pizza & juice!

The birthday boy Kai! They live next door to us & he was just a few months old when we moved in!

Rylie was really tired by now but kept saying she didnt want to leave. Luckily Kai opened her gift 2nd so we stayed for that. He really loved his tool belt play set! Then Rylie said she was ready to go. She almost fell asleep when we were leaving at 6pm! It was a pretty busy day, but also very fun!

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