Sunday, March 28, 2010

An Egg-citing Weekend!

Saturday (yesterday) we took Rylie to our neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt. It was early in the morning for us, but we made it on time this year! (Unlike last year)

Rylie was excited her friends Kendall & Owen could make it too! Rylie had just seen Owen the night before when we took them some dinner. Owen's a new big brother now to baby Ethan! (And now Rylie's been asking where her baby brother is hehe)

We arrived early this year so we had time to take lots of pictures before the hunt started!

See all the eggs behind us?!

Then the Easter bunny made his entrance on the train!

And the hunt began!

Click here to see the video!

Rylie did so great getting all her eggs herself this year! It's so much more fun now that she's old enough to get excited about it!
Full basket after the hunt!

Then we got photos with the Easter bunny!

And walked around a little looking at things. The line for the train was way too long so we missed it this year =(

Then Rylie & Kendall hugged goodbye & we headed home!

Rylie's been trying out big-girl panties all weekend. She's been doing pretty good. We had a few accidents, but I think she needed them to see what happens. She's been telling us ever since now when she needs to go potty. So we've been sticking by the house this weekend for that reason.

This evening Rylie & I did her bunny mask craft she got at the egg hunt Saturday. She's thinking about how she wants her bunny to look!


All done! The string was very loose so I had to hold it up to her. So cute!

Then we decorated Easter eggs! Instead of doing hard-boiled ones, I just emptied some shells. (To do that, in case you've never heard of it before, you just poke a hole with the end of a butter knife & drain out the egg. Then you rinse it out real good & carefully stuff it with napkins.) I just think it's cleaner this way than having to deal with stinky hard-boiled eggs & taking the time to hard-boil them!

Rylie was having a blast! We used these q-tip egg colors we got from Wal-Mart for $1. They were nice & handy, but they were hard to wash off our fingers afterwards.

Our finished products!

Are yall ready for Easter? We cant wait for next weekend! We're hosting this year so we're excited about that. It's looking to be nice weather here for a change too!


Rosie said...

Ha Ha! I like your title:) Tell Rylie I love her eggs!

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Ok I'm liking the idea of non hard boiled eggs. When you stuff them with the paper towel are they pretty easy to handle or will they break easily? You can email me at if easier:) I am excited to take Savi to her first easter egg hunt Saturday!

Becca - said...

LOVE the pictures! Our girls are just the sweetest of friends! PRECIOUS!!

Ashlee McCrary said...

Brittany-yes I think stuffing them with napkins makes it easier to handle them. It gives the shell a little "backing" to it's not as fragile, in my opinion!