Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Easter Bunny & Shopping

Yesterday morning I took Rylie out to the Woodlands mall for an Easter bunny picture! We were a little eager & got to the mall 10 minutes before it opened! lol So we were the 1st ones to get our picture taken.

I love how it turned out! It took Rylie a few tries to get a good smile from her. Click here to see last year's Easter bunny picture!

Rylie's friend Kendall met us at the mall too for bunny pictures. The girls were almost dressed alike by complete coincidence! After their pictures were taken they were goofing around waiting on our prints to be done.

They were excited to see each other!

Rylie had to show Kendall her belly, as if it was something different now that she's see Erin's "baby belly." lol

Then the bunny came out to say bye to the girls!

While Kendall was shopping with her Mommy, I took Rylie to the kids hair salon in the mall to get a good trim for Easter.

This was her "after smile" lol Goofball

The salon is right by the big carousel, so everytime I mention Rylie getting her haircut she says "Ride horsy?" So I let her ride the carousel. They were actually doing free rides too so that was nice!

I seriously just realized how alike our hair is. lol

After the carousel, we had lunch with our friends. Then Rylie & I ran to a few more places. I had a rewards card for a Christian store by the mall so I ran in to redeem it & got Rylie a big Larry (Veggie Tales) for free! It matches her big Bob she got for Christmas. I should've taken pictures because she was so cute hugging & kissing her Larry. It just made her day! Then we went next door to Carter's (childrens clothing store) to get Rylie some swimsuits with her giftcard. She's gotten to love shopping & does this cute new thing I had to get on video!

She was cracking me up the whole time we were there! She probably picked up 1 of everything, held it up to herself, & said "I like that!" to every one of them! Such a hoot!

After that we made the drive home & Rylie got to take a little late nap for me. It was such a fun afternoon with my sweet girl & seeing our friends!


Rosie said...

Ha Ha! That video cracks me up!!

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Oh my gosh, that video is so cute! Savi picks up some clothes and says cute but not every time. And yes ya'lls hair is very similiar...lol but cute;)

Becca - www.thatstoocute.net said...

Rylie's haircut is adorable. A little Mini-Ashlee!!