Friday, March 5, 2010

Date Night & Hospital Visit

Last Saturday David & I had date plans while Rylie was going to stay with his mom. She agreed to still watch her even with her stomach bug, so we went ahead with our plans.

One of Rylie's favorite things to do at Mimi's house is look at her books she has there! They even got her some stickers too that really excited her!

And look at this cute shelf! It's now Rylie's little bookshelf at Mimi's house. Mimi's best friend Janie handpainted this for her children when they were little & we're so thrilled she's letting Rylie use it now!

David & I got all dressed up for our date on Saturday. We dont ever get to dress up.....well, I should say I dont get to dress up anymore. lol He wears suits to work everyday! So anyways, we dressed up for dinner. I'll go ahead & tell yall now since I was asked a lot at dinner-I bought this dress last year on clearance at Charming Charlie's in Houston. Only $15! And no I didnt wear it because Valentine's Day was the weekend before. I bought this for our Florida vacation last May & we ended up not dressing up one night for dinner so it still had tags on it!

We went to dinner at Del Frisco's, a place we love but dont get to go to often. We split a meal-I highly recommend the steak & chateau potatoes! Then we shared this off-menu dessert special. So yummy!

We had a really great time at dinner & Rylie did just fine at Mimi's house.
She stayed the night & came home on Sunday. She didnt have a fever anymore, but still had diarrhea that was so awful. She wouldn't eat or drink anything so I called her Dr on Monday morning. They said they were completely booked & I should just take her to the hospital because if she was badly dehydrated she'd need an IV. So off we went! I packed some things for Rylie (learning from my sickness in Nov) just in case. It took us 40 minutes to get to the hospital.

We were quicky signed in & called up to a room. They tried to get me to give Rylie juice through a syringe but she would only take half of one. She needed to drink a full one every 5 minutes. So then they gave her prescription anti-nausea medicine because they said she's probably feeling nauseaus & that's why she's not wanting to eat or drink anything, even though she's not vomiting. Then we had to wait 30 minutes before letting her try to eat/drink again. Thankfully I brought our portable DVD player & "Bob" to entertain her! 

She started feeling better an hour later & gobbled up some cheerios & crackers & then asked for water. Once we got some fluids in her she was ok to go home. Thankfully no IV was needed! They also sent us home with a prescription for her diarrhea.

Making a break for it in the hospital

Once she got home, she asked for dinner-banana & yogurt which were things she was allowed to eat. She was back to normal on Tuesday morning & had her appetite back as well! She asked for a big breakfast & ate every bite of it. =)

I'll continue in the next post about the Houston Rodeo we attended Tuesday night!


Rosie said...

Ya'll look so pretty all dressed up! And poor Rylie, glad she's better.

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

You look beautiful! Glad Rylie is feeling better:)

Becca - said...

I'm so glad Rylie is all better! We hate having a sick Rylie girl!

EMonaghan said...

What a hottie! :) Hope I look that good after this baby gets done with my body!