Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Yesterday morning when I woke Rylie up, her first words were "School 'morrow?" She'd asked for school all day monday & I kept telling her school was tomorrow. So she was delighted yesterday was actually a school day! On the way there she kept saying she would "See Laura." I just kinda said ok.....Laura's one of the characters in Veggie Tales so I thought she was referring to her. When we got there, Rylie immediately pointed to a little girl & said "Laura!" Turns out she's a little friend in her class! So she ran over to sit by her friend Laura. I thought that was so sweet!

Then when I picked her up, they were finishing afternoon snack. A boy sitting next to Rylie drank his juice too fast & started coughing & Rylie said "Are you ok, Eddie? Are you ok, Eddie?" I asked her teachers if that was his name & it was! Her teachers were as impressed as I was how sweet she was being asking if her friend was ok! Her teachers said this week's lesson in class was about caring & apparently Rylie paid attention!

(This is my 700th post! Wow!)


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Those are some pretty cute pics! Sounds like she is a loving caring little girl:)