Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Today was a busy, crazy day! Rylie had school & was surprisingly sad to go today. Just a little though. She usually runs into her room & sits by her friends, but today she just wanted Mommy. I miss her when she's at school, but today was the first time she seemed to miss me! She's going to move up a class next week so hopefully that'll go well!
Anyways, while Rylie was at school I ran around getting finishing touches for Easter & then hit up the local garden center. I bought a ton of stuff we needed to spruce up our flower beds & make our yard look great. The freezes we had this Winter damaged some plants. So I get home & by then it's 2pm & getting very hot. So I parked my car in the driveway by the front of the house (we have a kinda long driveway that goes to the back to our detached garage) & went inside to get a cup of water before I got started. Then I came out the backdoor & saw a freakin snake. My first thought was "Are you kidding me?!" Ugh...it was so ugly & long & making a wierd noise as it was slithering away from the back house door to our gate door (our back door goes out to a kinda long walk-way with a half fence along it to our detached garage). So, not knowing what kinda thing I'm dealin with here, I decide to hop the fence & get my neighbor. He walks over with a shovel & we find the thing in my garage behind (of all things) Rylie's riding toys. My neighbor stabbed it with the shovel & of course I yelled "Wait! Lemme get a picture!" haha
Pretty long for a grass snake. Thankfully it wasnt a poisonous one, but it still caught me off guard. Kinda freaks me out at the thought of not knowing if a snake's in my garage by Rylie's toys & she goes in to play with one & there could be a chance it'd be a venomous one. (shuddering now) Yuck! So I also got some video of the thing still moving around...just for anyone who might be a snake person!
Apparently these things are drawn to flower beds & now that people are doing a lot of gardening lately, these things might be popular nowadays. No more letting Rylie walk out our back door ahead of us! I mean, they're not poisonous but they do still bite. So it took me a few minutes to get motivation back to work on our yard. I did manage to dig up 6 dead shrubs, plant 8 shrubs in their place, remulch our front beds, pull all the weeds, plant 4 flower pots, & raked up some dead grass.

David picked up Rylie from school since I was a stinky mess & first thing she did when she came home was come running to me saying "Help Mommy!" Then she grabbed the rake outta my hands & started raking dead grass too. Aww my little helper! I sure missed her today but I'm glad I had that little adventure while she was at school! Garden safe everyone! =)

Monday, March 29, 2010

"Mommy Cheer"

This morning Rylie had something for breakfast she's never had before!

Cheerios with milk-big girl style!

I asked her what she wanted for breakfast & she said "Nina (banana)" which she eats every morning. I asked what else & she said "Milk" which she also has every morning. Then I asked what else again & she said "Mommy cheer (cheerio)" hehe

The other morning I was eating cereal, cheerios, & she wanted a bite so I let her try it. She called them "Mommy cheer (cheerios)" and now she's a big fan of them!

I know some moms out there think cereal is just the worst thing to give kids for breakfast & that they should have a home-cooked meal every morning. There's nothing wrong with that of course, but we love cereal in our house too! And I really only buy healthy cereal-none of that sugar stuff. So if I take a break from making pancakes & scambled eggs or cheese toast every once in awhile for good 'ol cheerios, well I think that's just fine!

And this big girl here would probably agree! =)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

An Egg-citing Weekend!

Saturday (yesterday) we took Rylie to our neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt. It was early in the morning for us, but we made it on time this year! (Unlike last year)

Rylie was excited her friends Kendall & Owen could make it too! Rylie had just seen Owen the night before when we took them some dinner. Owen's a new big brother now to baby Ethan! (And now Rylie's been asking where her baby brother is hehe)

We arrived early this year so we had time to take lots of pictures before the hunt started!

See all the eggs behind us?!

Then the Easter bunny made his entrance on the train!

And the hunt began!

Click here to see the video!

Rylie did so great getting all her eggs herself this year! It's so much more fun now that she's old enough to get excited about it!
Full basket after the hunt!

Then we got photos with the Easter bunny!

And walked around a little looking at things. The line for the train was way too long so we missed it this year =(

Then Rylie & Kendall hugged goodbye & we headed home!

Rylie's been trying out big-girl panties all weekend. She's been doing pretty good. We had a few accidents, but I think she needed them to see what happens. She's been telling us ever since now when she needs to go potty. So we've been sticking by the house this weekend for that reason.

This evening Rylie & I did her bunny mask craft she got at the egg hunt Saturday. She's thinking about how she wants her bunny to look!


All done! The string was very loose so I had to hold it up to her. So cute!

Then we decorated Easter eggs! Instead of doing hard-boiled ones, I just emptied some shells. (To do that, in case you've never heard of it before, you just poke a hole with the end of a butter knife & drain out the egg. Then you rinse it out real good & carefully stuff it with napkins.) I just think it's cleaner this way than having to deal with stinky hard-boiled eggs & taking the time to hard-boil them!

Rylie was having a blast! We used these q-tip egg colors we got from Wal-Mart for $1. They were nice & handy, but they were hard to wash off our fingers afterwards.

Our finished products!

Are yall ready for Easter? We cant wait for next weekend! We're hosting this year so we're excited about that. It's looking to be nice weather here for a change too!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Almost 2 1/2

I cant believe how fast time has gone since Rylie's 2nd birthday party! She's already about to be 2 1/2 in 3 weeks! So I thought it was time for another update on what our girl's up to right now. I've been working on this list for awhile so hopefully I havent left anything out! Oh & these photos are from Rylie & I at the carwash yesterday-one of her favorite places! hehe

-Still loves VeggieTales. She knows all the characters & sings along with the songs on the shows.
-Knows her ABC's. Some of the letters are a little mumbled. I'll have to get it on video!
-Favorite songs are "Wheels on the Bus" and still "Take Me Out To The Ballgame"
-Obsessed with stickers!
-Recognizes quite a few letters. Right now she knows solid A (uppercase), E (both), I (lowercase-she gets uppercase I & lowercase L mixed up right now), O (both), R (uppercase), Y (both), S (both), P (both), L (uppercase-she also thinks lowercase L is a 1 sometimes)....and maybe a few more.
-Her favorite phrases are "Be right back" whenever she's leaving a room, "All right!" with a thumbs up, "I like that!", "Uh oh!", "I have a little cough," "Perfect!", and she has her own "Knock, knock" joke she's created on her own. She says "Knock, knock" and we say "Who's there?" and she says "Rylie's here!" lol I've tried getting that on video but she wouldn't do it.
-She's started getting interested in Disney princesses. She knows all their names. She got a lot of their character things for Birthday & Christmas-the fold out sofa, instrument playset, stickers, play tent, etc.
-She's in this very impatient stage right now.
-She's very independent right now. She will not let us help her pull her pull-up (or big girl panties) up after she goes potty, or buckle her seat belt in her carseat/highchair, or put her shoes/socks on her.
-She stopped sucking her thumb on her own around January but recently has started again in her sleep.
-She's doing great on the potty so far, still in pullups but we're moving over to big girl panties now!
-She'll be moving up a class in school in a few weeks or sooner! That will be her class until she turns 3 this Fall.
-She's a nonstop chatty girl! : )
-Favorite toys are baby dolls & pushing them in strollers & "Mommy-ing" them.
-Her favorite book is "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" & she's got it memorized (video on the post below).

We are totally loving this stage right now! She only gets cuter & more lovable by the second!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring Back Into Kindermusik!

Yesterday (Wednesday) we finally returned to our regular Kindermusik class with our friends! Between her being sick, then me being sick, then Spring Break, we havent been to our Wednesday class in 4 weeks! Rylie really missed her friends & has been asking for "Miss Sandy" every day! So before class I treated Rylie to a donut. All morning she repeated "Do-nup!" She loves them!

We were a little early for class & Rylie was excited Miss Sandy had some books about airplanes out for the kids to look at before class. Rylie's new interest lately is airplanes. Their current Kindermusik CD has a track with just airplane sounds on it & Rylie requests it all the time in the car!

Then they got to do an airplane song & be airplanes! Rylie was crouching down low & getting her "wings" ready for take off!

Then they got some ribbons to use as "wings" too!

Then we did a kinda "follow the leader" song. I kept trying to catch all of Rylie's big smiles, but my little camera was too slow! This was the best one I caught.

And they added some bells to that activity too

After quiet time, they got to explore some instruments. Rylie always gets this clapper one. She has a Disney Princess one at home that came in an instrument set for Christmas & we have to hide it sometimes. lol It's loud, but it's her favorite!
Oh & Rylie's favorite-the parachute!

Semi-caught one of her big grins! hehe
We're so glad to be back in our class!

After Kindermusik, Rylie & I headed to our local outlet mall. The swimsuits I got Monday at Carters were all too small =( & I needed to get a few items at the outlet mall anyways, so we headed to that Carters location to run some errands.

On the way there, we had a girls lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings. Turns out kids eat free there on Wednesdays!

"Hmm...what to order...."

After lunch we headed to the mall. Rylie kept saying "Shopping Mommy!" hehe Lemme just brag about my girl for a second. I was really worried she'd be fussy the whole time since it was getting late & time for a nap, but she was a perfect angel the whole time! She just sat in her stroller with her lovey & never complained once. She just looked around & occasionally said "I like that!" hehe Then she fell asleep in the car on the drive back home through lots of traffic & pouring rain! It was a success!

Now I'm going to add one more thing (as if this post wasnt long enough already hehe)....Rylie's favorite book is "The Very Hungry Caterpillar." We've read it to her since right after she was born! A few weeks ago her class at school did a lesson on it & actually had real caterpillars there & everything. So Rylie's obsession for the book grew. She's now got practically the whole book memorized! Here's video of her reading us the story on Tuesday night.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Easter Bunny & Shopping

Yesterday morning I took Rylie out to the Woodlands mall for an Easter bunny picture! We were a little eager & got to the mall 10 minutes before it opened! lol So we were the 1st ones to get our picture taken.

I love how it turned out! It took Rylie a few tries to get a good smile from her. Click here to see last year's Easter bunny picture!

Rylie's friend Kendall met us at the mall too for bunny pictures. The girls were almost dressed alike by complete coincidence! After their pictures were taken they were goofing around waiting on our prints to be done.

They were excited to see each other!

Rylie had to show Kendall her belly, as if it was something different now that she's see Erin's "baby belly." lol

Then the bunny came out to say bye to the girls!

While Kendall was shopping with her Mommy, I took Rylie to the kids hair salon in the mall to get a good trim for Easter.

This was her "after smile" lol Goofball

The salon is right by the big carousel, so everytime I mention Rylie getting her haircut she says "Ride horsy?" So I let her ride the carousel. They were actually doing free rides too so that was nice!

I seriously just realized how alike our hair is. lol

After the carousel, we had lunch with our friends. Then Rylie & I ran to a few more places. I had a rewards card for a Christian store by the mall so I ran in to redeem it & got Rylie a big Larry (Veggie Tales) for free! It matches her big Bob she got for Christmas. I should've taken pictures because she was so cute hugging & kissing her Larry. It just made her day! Then we went next door to Carter's (childrens clothing store) to get Rylie some swimsuits with her giftcard. She's gotten to love shopping & does this cute new thing I had to get on video!

She was cracking me up the whole time we were there! She probably picked up 1 of everything, held it up to herself, & said "I like that!" to every one of them! Such a hoot!

After that we made the drive home & Rylie got to take a little late nap for me. It was such a fun afternoon with my sweet girl & seeing our friends!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Sarah's Baby Shower & Ft Worth Weekend

Saturday morning we headed up to Waco for my sister Sarah's baby shower! Waco had a cold front come through & we went from 70-something weather on Friday in Houston to 30's & 40's Saturday in Waco! And this was the first day of Spring?

Sarah had a good turnout at her shower & got tons of things to get ready for baby Hayden! She's due in just a little over a month now!

My mom, her 2 kids & 2 (and a half) grandkids!

Sarah & 2 of our aunts who could make it & our cousin Vanessa

Rylie was the life of the party at the shower! She was dancing & just talking to everybody! Her dress was appropriate for it since she was being a "social butterfly" the whole time!

Isaac's "Big Brother" shirt my friend Becca made!

After the shower, we headed further north to the Ft Worth area to visit our good friends Erin & Eric (Ryle's Godparents). They're also due the same week with a baby boy! They're keeping the name a surprise though! We arrived just in time to meet up for dinner. It started snowing while we were eating too!

We woke up early the next morning to snow!

So Rylie & I quickly got dressed & headed out to play in it!

She & I made a very little snowman.

Then Daddy came out & decided our snowman needed a buddy!

So there ya go! I'm sure these 2 kept Erin & Eric company after we left hehe

We sure picked a great weekend to visit them! It was fun having another snow day since Houston's chances really are slim-even though we've had 2 the past 2 years.

Good thing we checked Ft Worth weather too before we headed up & packed extra warm clothes!

After playing in the snow, we went to breakfast with Erin while Eric had to work. Rylie was very intrigued by her "baby belly" & thought for a minute there was a baby in her belly too! hehe Such a cute girl! We had such a great time visiting with everybody! After breakfast we made the long drive back home! Hopefully we can make this trip again in May & meet the 2 new little baby boys who will have arrived by then!