Thursday, February 25, 2010

Yesterday's Kindermusik Fun!

Yesterday at Kindermusik, Rylie & Cady were the first ones to arrive. They sat patiently waiting for their friends & read some books.

After the "hello song" we continued the transportation with the "giddy up horsey". I didnt get a picture of myself & Rylie obviously so I took a picture of Courtney & Cady! hehe This is Rylie's favorite & we do this at home a lot! Isnt Cady's shirt cute? Rylie got it for her for her birthday!

Then they did a a cute activity with their hands. The short song goes "Round & round the race track goes the little mare. One step....two step....tickle you under there!" Miss Sandy did the tickles on Rylie's neck.

She loved that activity! She was proud to show Daddy yesterday evening!

Then they did a new activity with little mirrors. They had to look at themselves from different views.

Laying down looking up into the mirror.

Looking down into the mirror.

Making faces into the mirror! Always a favorite for this age. They love to see themselves in the mirror!

Then they went over some motions for the next song to dance to.....up & down

Stomping their feet!

And shaking the egg shakers!

Then they did another motion activity to a song. Here's the video!

Then they did another cute little activity with their hands. They did thumbs, then "Mommy pointer" finger, then pinkys!

Then they each got to set off Miss Sandy's alarm clock that went with that activity! It was pretty loud & scared Rylie! lol I thought she woulda laughed!

Then they got to do Rylies favorie-the wheels on the bus! She's been doing this all the time at home since last week's class! She has an Elmo toy that plays just the 1st two lines of it & she gets confused & asks where's the other lines? hehe She always requests this song in the car too (when she's not requesting "Take Me Out To The Ballgame of course!) Here's the video from yesterday!

Rylie coming to show Mommy her sticker & new book!

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Rosie said...

Aww what a cute outfit you had her in. And I liked the pic of her laying down looking in the mirror. So sweet.