Friday, February 5, 2010

Susan Baby "Sprinkle" Lunch

Yesterday some friends & I gathered for lunch to "sprinkle" our friend Susan with diapers & all kinds of goodies for her 2nd son due next month!

Most of us had kids in school/MDO & the 2 that werent acted so well-behaved that we lunched & hung out for 3 HOURS! We had so much fun & enjoyed a yummy lunch!

Susan's little boy Owen (you've seen pictures!) is going to have a little brother, Ethan in just one more month! This will be the first boy in a round of them coming this Spring! I gotta say, I've enjoyed shopping for boy stuff for a change! I never knew they could be just as much fun & their outfits could be just as cute! ha

Oh & does anybody have great vegetarian recipes? Susan's a vegetarian & I want to make them dinner after Ethan's born! All I can think of is fettuccine alfredo with steamed broccoli?


The Pifer's said...

I wish I could help you on the vegetarian thing...

Love the sprinkle pics, you are the first person I've heard that has gone to a sprinkle vs. me throwing one for Ashley...I think they are a super cute idea!

Rosie said...

How sweet!
Oh, meatless spaghetti is a fave of mine. And it freezes well w/out the noodles mixed in. I'm having it tonight actually :)

Becca - said...

It looks like ya'll had a great time!! Sorry I missed it!