Monday, February 8, 2010

Playground & Book Fair

How was yalls weekend? On Saturday Dave's mom & Craig hung out with us-no pictures. Yesterday we went to our friends' house for Super Bowl-no pictures. My cameras took a nice break this weekend! ha

Rylie & I were supposed to go on a playdate at a really fun place this morning. A few moms had to cancel last-minute & 2 others couldn't make it today. So the 2 of us who were still going (Susan & I) decided to do it another time when our other friends could join us. Instead we took Owen & Rylie to the local playground!

We got there early so I got some cute pictures of Rylie before Owen arrived!

Making cute faces in the mirror!
(Oh & I got her little heart reversible hoodie at Gymboree last Summer for $2 on clearance! It was regularly $30!)

She wanted to sit on the big-girl swing today for the 1st time!

She loved it! She also insisted I swing next to her. She did great holding herself on too!

Climbing up to the slide!

Then Owen arrived! He loved sitting on these things so Rylie tried them out too.

Going down the slide!

Hehe! Cute lil buddies!

We had a great, long fun time at the playground this morning! Then I took Rylie to her school for the book fair that started today. I love book fairs! I love children's books! Rylie's got a ton of them & I cant stop buying more. They're just so sweet!

Rylie looking the books over-making her selections!

Heading home with the 3 books she picked-1's about a kitty (never can have too many of those! lol), 1's about a froggy, & 1's about a little girl who becomes a big sister. NO, I'm not pregnant yall! I just thought since lots of Rylie's friends are having little babies now & she's around them a lot it'd be a cute book to read to her all about things babies do compared to what big-girls do! Plus that book was only $2! ha


Rosie said...

I love book fairs! Oh and that picture of her sticking her tongue out is too funny!

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Man she is the perfect little girl for that camera! Those playground pics are so cute!

Becca - said...

Cute pics!! I'm glad ya'll had fun!

Malinda said...

I think she's so cute in these pictures. Her hair has gotten so long.