Thursday, February 4, 2010

Kindermusik Loaded!

This is probably the biggest Kindermusik post ever! (That's why it's also taken me extra days to post it!) I took a lot of video at her class yesterday since they're doing such cute stuff right now! I just think the pictures dont do it justice, but of course I also got a lot of cute pictures as well! So I decided to post it all!

Rylie practiced saying "Hi Miss Sandy" all morning to say to her teacher when we walked in. Of course she forgot all about that when Miss Sandy got out her camera & Rylie had to give cute faces to her!

Finally a picture of Rylie & all her little friends in the class-Cady, Charlotte, Maggie (in Laurie's lap) & Jaiden! There are also about 4 other kiddos we just met in this class too!

Well they started off doing the "train dance" & I'd planned on getting video of it, but I didnt. They usually do it once with us just singing & then do it again to the music so I waited for the music & we never did it so I missed it this week. They did another train motion activity after though & I got video!

Then we did the "Working on the Railroad" activity again & this time used scarfs with it too. Rylie wasn't so sure about this change to it. Here's the video as well.

Click here (Blogger failed to upload this one)

Then Rylie did the wood sticks some more!

And then she grabbed my camera & wanted to take a picture of us. I helped her push the button. I dont think she was ready. lol

This week they added some "car-themed" activities to go along with the "transportation" lesson. These hula hoops were their "cars". How cute!

Click here to see the video (Blogger failed to upload this one too!)

Gotta little plumber crack going on there! They were being cars going through the tunnel!

After towel rides to calm down, Rylie & Jaiden sat really good & listened to the story. It was a story about a boy packing his bag to go on a trip somewhere & he packed his favorite things. The kids had to name what the things were pictured & Rylie did very good!

Then came a huge favorite-the parachute!

And of course Rylie got a sticker at the end too! =)


Rosie said...

Oh my gosh. I love her train, and her "Stop" motion she does w/her hands behind her back. So funny!

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Love that she wears sunglasses! To cute!

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Love that she wears sunglasses! To cute!

Julee Casey said...

I love the "oops".... that is absolutely cute!! :)

Sandy said...

This just made my did wonderful capturing Rylie's time in Kindermusik class. I am so proud of Rylie!!!!

Becca - said...

She looks adorable in her V-day stuff. I LOVE red!! I need to hurry and let Kendall wear her stuff now too. We're running out of time!! HE HE!