Thursday, February 18, 2010

Horse & Bus Kindermusik Class

Yesterday's Kindermusik was continuing the transportation theme by doing horse-riding & bus activities/songs! They first did some "giddy up horsy" activities that I did with her so no pictures. These were Rylie's favorites though. It's one of the few songs they've repeated in Kindermusik the past year & Rylie knows it good! She always sings along to it & does it on her own at home a lot too!

Then they did the "bus song" & activities. This is the first time this song has been in Kindermusik so we barely got it on CD back in January but the first time Rylie heard it in the car, she started doing the moves! She must've learned it at school already because I've never listened to this song with her before!

Click here to see video of Rylie doing the "bus song" in class!

Then they did the parachute-always a favorite-to a song about "fast & slow". All the kids did the parachute themselves & Rylie had a blast!

Then at the end of the song, the kids decided themselves to lay under the parachute while the Mommies shook it!

And they loved this! They'd laugh so loud when the parachute came down & touched them!

After quiet time on the towels & story time, they all sat & listened to what the next part would be. Rylie left me to go sit by her girlfriend Charlotte!

And Cady joined them too! Such cute girlfriends!

I love this candid!

Listening to her teacher's instructions on the next lesson. So serious!

Of course she then got a sticker at the end of class & had a good time!


Rosie said...

her little outfits are always so cute!

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Cute outfit!! Where is it from, I usually recognize her gymboree outfits, this one doesn't look like it?

Ashlee McCrary said...

Thanks! Her outfit was bought at a local boutique on clearance like over a year ago! The store's even closed now! It's a sz 18 mos & was meant for last spring when she turned 18 mos old but it was too big on her & then it got too hot for it. It's a little snug now but I wanted to get at least 1 use outta it! hehe

The Pifer's said...

She is so adorable, the outfit is super cute!!!