Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday, Cady!

Yesterday was this cutie named Cady's 2nd birthday party!

It was held at this fun indoor play place that Kendall had her 2nd birthday party at as well.
Here's Owen & Rylie jumping on the trampoline having a blast!

Kendall & Rylie having fun in a boat!

Rylie had a blast there!

She was clapping because she'd just put a ball in the hoop.

Rylie & her another girlfriend, Charlotte. I just heart this picture so much! I'll have to frame it & put it in her playroom with her other pictures of her & friends.

Of course the kiddos loved the bubbles! We need to do these more at home for sure!

Dancing on the parachute!

Then all the kiddos sat & watched Cady open her presents. Kendall & Rylie were good spectators (at least Rylie was for awhile! ha)

I love Cady's expressions that she makes! Blowing out the birthday candle!

Rylie was not kidding around with this pizza! She'd played so hard she worked up a good appetite & ate the whole slice!

AND a cupcake & ice 2 juice boxes. That's what kids birthday parties are for right? Getting hopped up on sugar?

Then she burned off some more energy on the little playground too. I love her little outfit & lemme tell ya David came up with this whole outfit on his own-bow & all. I think I've got him trained pretty well! hehe

Then as we were leaving, Rylie was looking in her goody bag & got the little blow horn. She thought it was the funniest thing in the world! Here's cute video of her laughing at it!

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Aww, David got some cute pictures!!