Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dress-up, Baby Sleep, Mommy Haircut

This all describes yesterday afternoon when Rylie got home from school!

She always runs straight for her toys when she gets home from school. I think she misses them a lot! Yesterday she came down the stairs to show off her dressup attire & had the cutest look on her face!

She even had a backwards tiara under her cowgirl hat! She's a cowgirl princess!

Cutest little expression!

Now she's cheesin for the camera!

Then we went up to her playroom to play. She is really into her baby dolls right now! She was yelling at this one "lay down!" And I told her that's not nice. Seriously, I promise we never yell at her to lay down yall! lol She's just a bossy thing to her dolls!

Then she covered her up & said "Night night baby!"

Now brace yourself for the next pic.....Mommy decided to trim Rylie's bangs myself. It didnt go as well as I thought it would....

Hehe! It's just a little shorter than I wanted, but we think it's cute! Her teachers gave her lots of compliments today so maybe it's not as bad as I originally thought. She's being sweet here & patting the baby's back so they'll go to sleep. What a sweet mommy!

Then she said "uh oh" & was comforting her "upset" baby by putting its paci in its mouth. Love the way she looks lovingly at her dolls! It's so cute how they get the motherly instinct so young!

Just more pictures of her cute new 'do! Sometimes I can style it & you cant tell (like in the pictures of her & Carter in the previous post. I actually did this haircut days ago!)

Either way....she's still our happy, sweet, beautiful little Rylie!

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Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

It looks good! Don't worry about it, plus her hair will grow fast if you do need it a little longer!