Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Carter & Rylie Play

On Monday Rylie & I decided to just chill at home. We invited our neighbor Carter to come & play!

Rylie made sure we were all healthy!

I pulled some of Rylie's baby toys out for Carter & all of a sudden of course Rylie wanted to play with them!

This little cutie just loved watching Rylie move all over the playroom from one toy to the next! She's such a happy, good baby!

Rylie made us some ice cream with her new musical ice cream shoppe toy she bought last week with a giftcard!

This was pretty much the scene-each of them playing with their own thing while the Mommies talked!

Carter tried out Rylie's rocking horse too! She loved it! I'm sad Rylie's almost too big for this =(

Miss diva wanted to show us some of her dress up ensembles!

And now brace yourself for these mega cute pictures ahead!

Rylie & Carter sitting in Rylie's bedroom chair reading some books. They were so adorable!

Wouldn't Rylie be an amazing big sister?!

So sweet! Rylie was really pretending to read to Carter!

Showing Carter the pictures. I love how intrigued Carter looks! Precious!

"Thanks Rylie!" hehe We love having Carter over!


Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Those are so cute:) And Riley would make a great big sister:)!!!

Rosie said...

She would be a good big sis! Get on it!!

Rosie said...

She would be a good big sis! Get on it!!