Monday, February 22, 2010

Boring Monday

Rylie & I had a pretty boring day today. We just ran a quick errand & then came home to play with her toys.

The good news is that we got some of the garage organized yesterday! Now Rylie's things are neatly lined up & easily accessible! We just have to get some shelves to organize the rest.

After Rylie's nap we went outside for a quick walk.

Rylie's neighbor friends were out & she was excitedly waving "Hi" to them! They just ran around our yard for a little while, burning off some energy! We wanted to enjoy being outside this afternoon since tomorrow's supposed to be very cold!

They're predicting 1" of snow tomorrow afternoon for us! I doubt it'll actually happen or even stick, but still going to be very cold! Anyways, that's all our day has been about!

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