Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Be Mine Valentine

We had a very good Valentine's Day on Sunday. Last week was 3 years from when we found out we were pregnant with Rylie so we always celebrate Valentine's Day as a family. We started off with heart-shaped muffins I made for breakfast.

David ran out & got Rylie some little flowers & balloons!

We got all our goodies out. For the past 3 years David & I haven't exchanged gifts on Valentine's Day but for some reason we decided to this year.

Rylie & her goodies. I got a little carried away buying for her this year! I think I was trying to make up for Christmas since I was still recovering & didnt really do much this past year. But most of her Valentine stuff came from the Target $1 section anyways! Little nail polish bottles, big-girl hairbrush, stickers, puzzle, animal book, bracelets...

Rylie & I got David a small cookie cake-his favorite!

And his favorite movie that came out last Tuesday-Couples Retreat! He said it's his new Wedding Crashers (which was his old favorite movie). We saw Couples Retreat in theaters awhile back & it's hilarious!

Rylie got the Valentine "Veggie Tales" movie. She was excited to see "Bob!"

She gave her cards hugs...

....and kisses!

Then we loaded up & headed to the Houston Zoo! We'd never been & planned to take her on her 2nd birthday back in October but then I got sick so we finally got to go on Sunday! We couldn't have asked for more perfect weather for it!

We went to the Primate section first since Rylie loves monkeys. I tried to just take pictures of unusual animals! This was a pretty....something. Forgot what it's called! ha

Rylie then wanted to see the "kitty" section! Most of the cats were just sleeping though so not as much fun.

Pretty jaguar we could see up close!

Then the jaguar went & snuggled with the cheetah! Lots of love on Valentine's Day!

This was a pretty pattern on this cat-forgot what it's called tho!

Rylie was having so much fun!

Such a pretty day! We really lucked out!

Checking out the komodo dragon. I didnt know a thing about these interesting creatures before seeing this one. Did you know it's the largest reptile besides alligator/crocodile? And it's the closest thing left to the dinosaur? And it's saliva is one of the most poisonous things? All it has to do is lick you & then track your scent. You'll die within 24 hrs from it.

ANYWAYS....checking out more animals-elephants, giraffes, & some "horse-type" ones.

Then the aquarium room! Rylie was so intrigued by the fish! I love how she's lookin up at them in such a fascinated way!

This was by far her favorite part & she'll tell you she liked the "fish in wawer" when you ask.

Nemo! And see the leaf she's holding in her right hand. She picked that up somewhere along the way & for some reason was very attached to it. She carried it all day & called it "Rylie leaf!" We even brought it home & put it on our scrapbook page for this day. hehe It's the little things that amaze me about her..

Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day & weekend!


Becca - www.thatstoocute.net said...

It looks like ya'll had a great time!!

Rosie said...

ohmygosh. I just want to comment on every picture!
How cute that yall all dressed in V-day colors! And her hugs for her card. LOL.
I love the Houston zoo. Haven't been in a while, but so much better than ours here.
Glad you had such a good Valentine's Day!

Julee Casey said...

How cute! You guys had a great day! It was 3 years ago on Valentine's that we found out we were having a girl! It is special to us in a different way too!! :) We need to make a play date to the zoo. The girls would have so much fun!

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

That looks like such a great day! And so glad the weather was beautiful!! Love Rylie's heart sunglasses:)