Saturday, February 27, 2010

Little Piggies

Rylie loves doing "This little piggy...." on her toes! She's always holding her feet up to us saying "Piggy! Weewee!" lol

The other night she did them on her own & David got video. Click here to see the first video & click here to see the 2nd.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Yesterday's Kindermusik Fun!

Yesterday at Kindermusik, Rylie & Cady were the first ones to arrive. They sat patiently waiting for their friends & read some books.

After the "hello song" we continued the transportation with the "giddy up horsey". I didnt get a picture of myself & Rylie obviously so I took a picture of Courtney & Cady! hehe This is Rylie's favorite & we do this at home a lot! Isnt Cady's shirt cute? Rylie got it for her for her birthday!

Then they did a a cute activity with their hands. The short song goes "Round & round the race track goes the little mare. One step....two step....tickle you under there!" Miss Sandy did the tickles on Rylie's neck.

She loved that activity! She was proud to show Daddy yesterday evening!

Then they did a new activity with little mirrors. They had to look at themselves from different views.

Laying down looking up into the mirror.

Looking down into the mirror.

Making faces into the mirror! Always a favorite for this age. They love to see themselves in the mirror!

Then they went over some motions for the next song to dance to.....up & down

Stomping their feet!

And shaking the egg shakers!

Then they did another motion activity to a song. Here's the video!

Then they did another cute little activity with their hands. They did thumbs, then "Mommy pointer" finger, then pinkys!

Then they each got to set off Miss Sandy's alarm clock that went with that activity! It was pretty loud & scared Rylie! lol I thought she woulda laughed!

Then they got to do Rylies favorie-the wheels on the bus! She's been doing this all the time at home since last week's class! She has an Elmo toy that plays just the 1st two lines of it & she gets confused & asks where's the other lines? hehe She always requests this song in the car too (when she's not requesting "Take Me Out To The Ballgame of course!) Here's the video from yesterday!

Rylie coming to show Mommy her sticker & new book!


Rylie is very into stickers right now! I blame gymnastics last Summer hehe! Now she gets them in Kindermusik too. She got a bunch for Valentine's & Tuesday she wanted to give Mommy some of her stickers! She put 1 on each of my cheeks, 1 on my hand, & 1 on my nose!

And several on her baby doll! lol

We also had to have a conversation on where stickers can go & where they cannot go! Apparently these dont peel off well from furniture! =)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Boring Monday

Rylie & I had a pretty boring day today. We just ran a quick errand & then came home to play with her toys.

The good news is that we got some of the garage organized yesterday! Now Rylie's things are neatly lined up & easily accessible! We just have to get some shelves to organize the rest.

After Rylie's nap we went outside for a quick walk.

Rylie's neighbor friends were out & she was excitedly waving "Hi" to them! They just ran around our yard for a little while, burning off some energy! We wanted to enjoy being outside this afternoon since tomorrow's supposed to be very cold!

They're predicting 1" of snow tomorrow afternoon for us! I doubt it'll actually happen or even stick, but still going to be very cold! Anyways, that's all our day has been about!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Tiffany's Baby Shower

This morning I got Rylie dolled up for her afternoon with Daddy! I just love to buy her shirts with "Daddy" sayings on them & dress her in them when she's going out with David! So cute!

So David took Rylie out with him while I went to a baby shower I co-hosted. The mom-to-be Tiffany (centered) is expecting her 2nd girl, Ella in April! Big sister Kate is Rylie's friend from Kindermusik. Laurie (on the right) & I hosted this shower along with Courtney, who wasnt able to make it due to a death in the family.

I think the shower turned out really great & I had a lot of fun hanging out with the girls! It was held at an outdoor restaurant place I've never been to, but I really enjoyed it so I'll have to bring David sometime! This cake was sooo yummy too!

Tiffany & her chocolate cake! I just love Tiffany! I'm not just saying that because I know she reads my blog ;-) She's seriously one of the funniest people! We always have good laughs around her!

Tiffany & her sweet Mom & all Tiffany's goodies! She got so many cute things for little Ella!

The guests! (Minus Laurie who took the picture)

Adorable cookie favors! They're almost too pretty to eat.....almost! hehe

SOO while I was hosting this shower, David was supposed to take Rylie to his Dad's house to pick up a trailer, come home & organize the garage. Did that happen? Uh no! Instead they went to visit Granddaddy at the local airport his airplane's stored at!

Rylie had fun seeing all the airplanes! She was waving bye bye to this one!


Then they went back to Grandaddy's house & looked at airplane magazines! He even let Rylie take some home with her! So at least Rylie had a great time today & hopefully someday soon our garage will get organized! hehe

Friday, February 19, 2010

My Girl

Today Rylie & I just stayed at home & played & hung out. I just adore this outfit from Carters (hat from Childrens Place) so I wanted to get some cute pictures of her in it!

Hard to believe it's been over 3 years since we found out we were having a baby! Now she's our fun-loving, melt-your-heart, sweet little 2 year old!

She makes our world so complete!

Yesterday while she was in school I went to Home Goods to look for a bathroom step stool for her. I wanted a really nice one & found this adorable one that I love! It matches in her bathroom so well!

She loves it! I'll tell you why we needed to get this now....Rylie's been going on the potty for over a month now!! I didnt want to say anything until we'd actually had success. She's been doing so well! She started going at school frequently back in December but I wanted to wait until after the holidays to start full-force at home. Now she goes pee-pee in the potty almost every time, BUT we've still yet to do the "other" thing. She's almost there though! She says all the time "Pee pee, poopoo, potty, nomony (M&M)" so she knows she's supposed to do it. She just hasnt timed it right yet. But we're on our way!

So we needed a new step stool to wash her hands in her bathroom. We've also been using the clip on seats on the regular toilet. The 2 little potties I bought for her were a waste. And it's much easier for her to go on the regular toilet & have no cleanup! So her fancy princess potty chair I bought thankfully converts to a clip on seat on the toilet & then the other part is a step stool so we've got that downstairs & now this upstairs!

This big girl even went potty on the big-girl potty while running errands at the mall with Mommy earlier this week! I'm hoping we get this down completely by Summer, but we're in no rush! We're taking our time & letting Rylie do this her own pace & she's improving every day!

I also got this cute box at Home Goods to put her "dress up" jewelry in so she can get to it all by herself.

She's been "dressing up" ever since!

All fancied in her jewels!

I'm so glad you're my girl, Rylie! I love you so much & love hanging out with you!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Horse & Bus Kindermusik Class

Yesterday's Kindermusik was continuing the transportation theme by doing horse-riding & bus activities/songs! They first did some "giddy up horsy" activities that I did with her so no pictures. These were Rylie's favorites though. It's one of the few songs they've repeated in Kindermusik the past year & Rylie knows it good! She always sings along to it & does it on her own at home a lot too!

Then they did the "bus song" & activities. This is the first time this song has been in Kindermusik so we barely got it on CD back in January but the first time Rylie heard it in the car, she started doing the moves! She must've learned it at school already because I've never listened to this song with her before!

Click here to see video of Rylie doing the "bus song" in class!

Then they did the parachute-always a favorite-to a song about "fast & slow". All the kids did the parachute themselves & Rylie had a blast!

Then at the end of the song, the kids decided themselves to lay under the parachute while the Mommies shook it!

And they loved this! They'd laugh so loud when the parachute came down & touched them!

After quiet time on the towels & story time, they all sat & listened to what the next part would be. Rylie left me to go sit by her girlfriend Charlotte!

And Cady joined them too! Such cute girlfriends!

I love this candid!

Listening to her teacher's instructions on the next lesson. So serious!

Of course she then got a sticker at the end of class & had a good time!