Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Time Flies

I wasnt going to blog today because I had nothing to talk about. Rylie & I just went for a walk this morning, then ran into Target, had lunch with friends & came home. But while Rylie was napping, I was going through some old pictures on the computer, finding ones to print for an album. I came across these cute photos of baby Rylie.

I dont even remember taking these photos-possibly David took these. I cant believe how big my girl is now compared to these photos! Look at those chunky legs she had! And that cute little chubby foot! (She always had 1 shoe/sock off!) Oh how I wish she was still this little, but yet I cant wait to see what she's going to do in the future!

Oh my happy girl! She has grown way too fast! I think these pictures were taken in late April or early May 2008, so Rylie was about 6 months old. This was right before we moved to Houston. On our walk this morning, our neighbors Tiffany & her baby girl Carter joined us. Carter is just 5 months old & it seems yesterday Rylie was. Time flies before our very eyes! I'm just going to blink one day & I'll be at Rylie's high school graduation....and then her wedding. Finding these pictures today is a great reminder for me to slow down sometimes & treasure even more the little moments I have with Rylie.


Sarah said...

aww love those pictures. Baby fever??

Rosie said...


grandma said...

Happy Birthday Ashlee! love the pictures of "chubby Rylie"!