Saturday, January 2, 2010

Ringing in 2010

How was yalls New Year's? Hope everybody had a happy & safe night!
Rylie & I spent New Year's Day hanging out at home (avoiding the crowds on the streets) since David had to work. It was pretty outside so she rode her little bike for awhile. Lots of our neighbor kids were out too.

Then Jaiden came by in his new toy he got for Christmas! He was so sweet to give Rylie a ride around our neighborhood!

Do you think she had fun?? hehe They were so cute cruising! Rylie loved it! Jaiden was so good too. He was still learning how to steer & his dad was helping him. And he would stop & say "Wait for the car" when he'd see a car coming. So good!

When David came home after Rylie's nap, he had surprised Rylie & I with little bouquets for roses for each of us! Aww!! So sweet of him!

Then we had dinner plans so we got dressed up & headed out.

But Rylie wasnt liking the dinner plans! She was very uncomfortable the whole time we were there, so we ended up getting our food to go & came back home. Turned out the whole time she was "uncomfortable" because David forgot to put her spoon in her bag for her applesauce & she didnt like the restaurant spoon. Sure enough we get home, give her one of her spoons, & she's as happy as can be! I told you in her "Rylie-isms" she's very particular!

After we ate, we went outside with our neighbors Jaiden again & his mom & dad. They got some sparklers & those little paper balls you throw down & pop for the kids. Rylie was so excited!!

Aw her first little sparkler! Click here to see the video!

Bringing Daddy the roman candle. I think she wants to be in a marching band? lol

Pretty cool picture of David shooting off the roman candles. Jaiden was so cute & kept saying "David, shoot the moon! Come on, David! Shoot the moon!" The kid cracks me up!

Rylie was pretty worn out, so we came inside. She loved the fireworks though & has been asking for them all weekend long! I think she thinks they should be an every night thing & not just a holiday thing!

And this was how we rang in 2010! We were all comfy on the couch (me using my new Snuggie I got for Christmas-love!!) and watched the ball drop on tv. I was surprised Rylie made it to midnight! She was pretty wired once we got inside & was dancing around, but as soon as midnight came she was pooped!
Anyway, we had a great night! Hope you all did too! Happy New Year!
And stay tuned to hear about our New Year's Day getaway we had this weekend!!


Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Such a big girl on her bike:) Happy New Year!

The Pifer's said...

How do you like your snuggie---there awesome huh??? Love the pictures! HAPPPPPY NEW YEAR :)

Rosie said...

Happy Belated New Year! She's such a big girl w/the sparkler & riding in the car :)