Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Years Day Getaway

So we decided kinda last-minute last week that we'd take a quick getaway for New Years since we didnt have any plans & we wanted a small break. We also didnt want to go very far away or spend a lot of money! We also decided not to tell anybody we were going somewhere & turned off our cell phones the whole time-no computer, no internet, no txts, no calls, nothing. A complete getaway.

So we headed out Friday (New Year's Day) & this horrible accident was at the front of our subdivision.
Not a good way to start off a new year! Makes us very grateful we had a safe weekend!

So we didnt go very far at all, just to the Woodlands about 45 minutes away. It felt like we were much further away though without our technology! We checked into the hotel & tried to get Rylie to nap. She was too excited though about what we were gonna do that night, so after an hour of no success on the nap, we headed out & took Rylie.......

Ice skating!!
Our hotel was right by the rink & we got some coupons online. This was Rylie's 1st time to skate & my 2nd. David has done this a few times growing up. We had so much fun!

They do skating in 2 hour sessions. When we arrived we had 30 minutes left until our session started. They run the zamboni before each session so Rylie enjoyed watching that!

Getting Rylie's tiny skates on! So cute!

Rylie's 1st time to ice skate! We tried out the little kiddie rink first.

Skating with Mommy in the kiddie rink

But Rylie kept walking out of it & pointing to the big rink saying "I skate!" So we took her in the big one! Thankfully a nice lady took our family picture! It cracks me up how David's standing! lol He looks like he's playing hockey!

And our big girl did some skating on her own too!
Click here to see the video!

After we finished skating we took Rylie through the light display outside the rink. I wasnt too impressed with it. I thought it'd be a big more extravagant, but Rylie enjoyed it so that's all that mattered!

She was mad when it was time to leave!

Rylie wasnt up for eating out again tonight so we got food & brought it to our room. We just relaxed for a bit before going to bed. Rylie wanted to brush her teeth about 5 times! ha

On Saturday we drove around the Woodlands area & ran a few errands. It was such a pretty day! We felt like we were thousands of miles away instead of just 45 minutes from home!

Then we grabbed lunch at Chuys! Rylie could probably eat her weight in tortilla chips! ha

Me & my favorite-a Chuy Gooey! Ohhh I could eat this almost every day! Soooo good!
And after lunch we came back home! Now while in theory it sounded nice to not tell anybody we were leaving & have a complete getaway, we did have some people worried when they couldn't reach us! So sorry guys! We'll be sure to mention it to our parents at least the next time we skip town! hehe

We've just spent our Sunday at home cleaning & hanging out. It's been really cold & going to continue to be this week so I'm thinking some soup, chili, & good 'ol comfort food is in the plans for dinners! Hope you all had a great weekend & good start to the week tomorrow!


Rosie said...

I love The Woodlands! We went last year in January & it was so pretty (& freezing). You're so lucky to have gone to Chuy's. The new one in Waco is still too packed & we won't wait 2 hrs to get in. Next time go to The Cheesecake factory though! Yum!

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Aw Rylie ice skating is so cute! Glad you had a nice little getaway!

Anonymous said...

What a terrible wreck! I hope the drivers were ok.
Glad yall had a good outting! We tried to do that with Kinley but of course she got sick lol, never fails!
Happy New Year :)

~Shelly~ said...

That would be from me...

grandma said...

do we have a future "kristi yamagochi" hehe. Glad you had a great time on your "little vacation"

Miranda said...

Just FYI: The wreck out front did not turn out so well. THe guy in the red truck ran the red light (crossing the beltway) as then 18 wheeler was coming down the beltway. He rolled and then landed on top of the white car. The jaws of life were used to rescue that person and the driver of the 18 wheeler was killed. =( So sad. Not a good start to the new year at all.

Ashlee McCrary said...

Aw that is so sad! We saw it on the news in our hotel that night & I thought I heard at least 1 person died but I didnt hear the details. After I took these pics tho I called my reporter friend at ABC 13 & they sent the crew out there. Sad to think one idiot running a red light caused all this...

Erin said...

what a cute video!