Monday, January 18, 2010

Miss Kate Is One!

This little cutie pie is our friend Christine & Jay's daughter Kate! She had a birthday party yesterday afternoon to celebrate her turning one! Can you believe she's the same baby Rylie & I visited last February?

Rylie had herself a grand 'ol time at the party! She sure has grown a huge love for moonwalks! I just love kiddo birthday parties! There are so many cool things you can do with kids birthday parties. I've already been planning Rylie's 3rd for this Oct! ha!!

Miss Kate was being too polite with her smash cake so her big brother AJ (2 1/2) had to step in & show her how it's done! So cute!

Rylie did great at the pinata! Who knew our lil sweetheart could swing a bat so well?

She doesnt look it in this picture but she was ubber excited to get those M&M's! She wanted them opened to consume them immediately. Immediately I tell ya!

And Miss Rylie saying "Happy Kate" (Happy Birthday, Kate) & goodbye to princess Kate. Thanks for your sweet party girl! I cant believe you're already one!

And here's a funny story I want to share whether yall care or not lol. When we were out in the area of town at this birthday party we were in an area that has a wonderful Walmart. I get so excited when I know we'll be in the area of this Walmart. We just discovered it a few weeks ago. It's hidden from the street somewhat from a forest. Well it's just beautiful outside & in & I love going to this one Walmart! See when we lived back in Waco we were 2 min down the street from a brand new Walmart that was so awesome! When we moved to Houston, the 3 closest Walmarts to us are either in a good area but old & dirty or they're in a dangerous area but new & still dirty. I never go to Walmart anymore. This hidden one out of our way is so awesome! It's new & oh my gosh puts the one back in Waco to shame! It's always so clean, fully stocked, clothes folded perfectly on the shelves, good safe area & people.....seriously I'll take pictures next time I go! Any of yall funny about stores like this? Do yall have favorite ones that you'll drive out of the way for? It's ok if you think I'm crazy over this Walmart....hehe!

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