Friday, January 29, 2010

Little Friday Playdate

Rylie's neighbor friend Carter came by this morning to play for a little while! A cold front came through last night along with rain so we were all trying to stay inside, warm & dry!

This was Rylie's activity center when she was little so we got it out for Carter to play in today! Rylie was so cute showing Carter all the neat stuff on it. She didnt seem bothered at all another baby was over playing with her stuff!

Carter loved Rylie's activity center & just watching Rylie play!

There's almost 2 years difference between the girls so they weren't big on playing together, but us Mommies had some good conversation while the girls each did their own thing! Rylie was playing Dr with Carter's Mommy at one point. Carter was playing with a few of Rylie's other toys too but I didnt get photos of them. I'll have to next time! We sure enjoyed some company this morning!

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Becca - said...

Awww fun! Kendall & Rylie will have to have a play date soon. As often as we see each other, they haven't gotten to play toys together very much. Kendall loves playing with her Elmo Dr. kit too!! They'd have a blast together!