Thursday, January 28, 2010

Happy School Girl

So I was coming home from errands this afternoon & decided to swing by Rylie's school to peek on her during outside play. Well when I got there, they weren't outside so I thought maybe I missed them. I parked on the opposite side of the little playground where they usually play in the afternoon. Next thing I know, her class comes running outside at the playground right next to where I'm parked! My little Rylie, being the smart girl she is, immediately sees my car & darts to it saying "Mommy car!"

There's my girl in the middle-brown coat, white bow pointing to me in the car haha

I was trying to be sneaky & hide, but she saw me already! I just wanted to see how happy she is playing at her school now! She's made such improvement since she started in October! She's so happy there now! She didnt even care Mommy stopped by today to check on her. She just kept blowing me kisses, waving, & saying "Hi Mommy!"

Happy girl climbing up to the slide-her favorite there!

When I was leaving I tried to sneak out while she was on the slide, but I looked back & saw her waving to me & saying "Bye bye Mommy car!" Too precious!

So that's another thing I forgot to mention on Rylie's recent cuteness updates-she recognizes our cars! She'll point out other Honda CR-V's & say "Mommy car" & she knows Daddy's car, Miss Laurie's car, & Miss Becca's car! Evvvvvery where we go she points out cars that are same make/model as theirs. Told you-memory like an elephant!