Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dress up

David got Rylie out of her bed from her nap the other day & decided to go ahead with the bath early. Then I hear them coming down the stairs & in walks this beautiful dressed-up little girl! David likes to dress her up sometimes & I think it's so cute! He did a great job coming up with this outfit too.

She started dancing with her Daddy. I love these moments!

I love how she's looking up at him. So sweet!

Pretty girl


Erin said...

she's getting so big!

Becca - said...

How cute!! She looks like the lil girl that just turned 1!! They have matching outfits!! Too cute!

grandma said...

These are the moments you treasure! Especially the ones with her dancing with daddy. She's so precious and getting so big. Stop growing up so fast RYLIE!

The Pifer's said...