Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cupcakes & Hanging at Mimi's

David had to work a wedding at his church yesterday afternoon near downtown so we decided to head out that way early & meet up with his Mom so Rylie could see her Mimi! We met up for lunch first & then we got some special treats-CRAVE cupcakes!

I'd heard so much about these from several Kindermusik moms & been dying to try them for awhile! We ended up getting (top left to right) strawberry, vanilla with chocolate icing, carrot cake, & lemon. We all got to try small pieces of each one. Strawberry & lemon are my fav!!!

Then David headed on to the church. Rylie hung out with Mimi while I worked on some projects on my laptop. There was of course more rocking chair action!

And some dress-up! (This was before all the jewelry & hats too!)

And then Rylie's "Ga-ga" brought her some stickers which she loved! hehe

We watched the Miss America pageant as well before David got back. Rylie was very intrigued in the talent competitions!

"Mommy can I be a singer when I grow up?" =)

When David got off working at the church, him & I went to dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings while Rylie slept over at Mimi's house. We dont get to eat out that much together anymore since Rylie's been somewhat a "challenge" in restaurants lately. She would just rather be running around & playing than sitting still for an hour! Who could blame her? So anyways, today we've just hung out at home keeping warm (and eating leftover cupcakes! hehe)!


Becca - said...

YUM!! The cupcakes look way too pretty to eat! I'm glad you got to have a fun dinner out! Thanks for editing the pics! They ARE AWESOME!! Love them!

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Looks like a great day! We have a place called Sprinkles that is the same kind of cupcakes. They are SO good!

Ashlee McCrary said...

I've heard of Sprinkles too & we're gettin one this March! I may like them better because they have way more flavors on their menu online!