Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Airplanes & More Kindermusik Trains

Yesterday after Rylie got home from school she wanted to play on her slide. So we hung out in the backyard for a bit. Then she wanted to point out every airplane in the sky! We live near a major airport so there are always lots of airplanes out here. She even got the difference between really big bird & tiny plane far away! ha Today she was major bummed it was cloudy outside & she couldn't find any airplanes in the sky!

Today was also Kindermusik! Today's class was more on trains, continuing from last week. We started out with a movement activity to  a song about trains. Above she's doing the "chug a chug a" motions & then the "hands on the head" dance to the song saying "hearing the train sounds"....

And that's the motion for "all around the town!" And then she clapped for herself. She did so good during that activity doin every motion!

Then she got her favorite-the wooden sticks. They clack them together to a song that goes fast & slow. They have to beat them 4 times for the fast part & then 3 times for the slow part-also while changing ways they're clacking them. Rylie clacked them above her head....

...on her feet & lots more I didnt get pictures of! ha Then they did another movement activity they did last week "I've been working on the railroad" where they swing their arms up & then down to the ground.

And we did a group dance. I love this picture of Rylie dancing with her teacher! She didnt want to stand by Mommy for this dance =(

Mommy & Rylie's favorite-quiet time! Rylie always asks for the towel when we first arrive. She loves these rides. It's time to calm down.

Then we did storytime. Rylie was so good, sat still & listened the whole time!
She was excited to get stickers after class too! You would think after a fun, busy class today she woulda passed out right away for nap. Nope! She just talked & sang away in her room. Then she got mad. So I checked on her-dirty diaper. Then she got so wound up she wouldn't go back down.

So this little girl was exhausted by bed time! Look who's been replaced-poor Kitty laying behind her while she hugs her beloved Bob! Awww!

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Becca - said...

Cute pics!! It looks like she's enjoying music!! Kendall loves looking for airplanes too. I actually just blogged about it too! Ha!