Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cupcakes & Hanging at Mimi's

David had to work a wedding at his church yesterday afternoon near downtown so we decided to head out that way early & meet up with his Mom so Rylie could see her Mimi! We met up for lunch first & then we got some special treats-CRAVE cupcakes!

I'd heard so much about these from several Kindermusik moms & been dying to try them for awhile! We ended up getting (top left to right) strawberry, vanilla with chocolate icing, carrot cake, & lemon. We all got to try small pieces of each one. Strawberry & lemon are my fav!!!

Then David headed on to the church. Rylie hung out with Mimi while I worked on some projects on my laptop. There was of course more rocking chair action!

And some dress-up! (This was before all the jewelry & hats too!)

And then Rylie's "Ga-ga" brought her some stickers which she loved! hehe

We watched the Miss America pageant as well before David got back. Rylie was very intrigued in the talent competitions!

"Mommy can I be a singer when I grow up?" =)

When David got off working at the church, him & I went to dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings while Rylie slept over at Mimi's house. We dont get to eat out that much together anymore since Rylie's been somewhat a "challenge" in restaurants lately. She would just rather be running around & playing than sitting still for an hour! Who could blame her? So anyways, today we've just hung out at home keeping warm (and eating leftover cupcakes! hehe)!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Little Friday Playdate

Rylie's neighbor friend Carter came by this morning to play for a little while! A cold front came through last night along with rain so we were all trying to stay inside, warm & dry!

This was Rylie's activity center when she was little so we got it out for Carter to play in today! Rylie was so cute showing Carter all the neat stuff on it. She didnt seem bothered at all another baby was over playing with her stuff!

Carter loved Rylie's activity center & just watching Rylie play!

There's almost 2 years difference between the girls so they weren't big on playing together, but us Mommies had some good conversation while the girls each did their own thing! Rylie was playing Dr with Carter's Mommy at one point. Carter was playing with a few of Rylie's other toys too but I didnt get photos of them. I'll have to next time! We sure enjoyed some company this morning!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Happy School Girl

So I was coming home from errands this afternoon & decided to swing by Rylie's school to peek on her during outside play. Well when I got there, they weren't outside so I thought maybe I missed them. I parked on the opposite side of the little playground where they usually play in the afternoon. Next thing I know, her class comes running outside at the playground right next to where I'm parked! My little Rylie, being the smart girl she is, immediately sees my car & darts to it saying "Mommy car!"

There's my girl in the middle-brown coat, white bow pointing to me in the car haha

I was trying to be sneaky & hide, but she saw me already! I just wanted to see how happy she is playing at her school now! She's made such improvement since she started in October! She's so happy there now! She didnt even care Mommy stopped by today to check on her. She just kept blowing me kisses, waving, & saying "Hi Mommy!"

Happy girl climbing up to the slide-her favorite there!

When I was leaving I tried to sneak out while she was on the slide, but I looked back & saw her waving to me & saying "Bye bye Mommy car!" Too precious!

So that's another thing I forgot to mention on Rylie's recent cuteness updates-she recognizes our cars! She'll point out other Honda CR-V's & say "Mommy car" & she knows Daddy's car, Miss Laurie's car, & Miss Becca's car! Evvvvvery where we go she points out cars that are same make/model as theirs. Told you-memory like an elephant!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Airplanes & More Kindermusik Trains

Yesterday after Rylie got home from school she wanted to play on her slide. So we hung out in the backyard for a bit. Then she wanted to point out every airplane in the sky! We live near a major airport so there are always lots of airplanes out here. She even got the difference between really big bird & tiny plane far away! ha Today she was major bummed it was cloudy outside & she couldn't find any airplanes in the sky!

Today was also Kindermusik! Today's class was more on trains, continuing from last week. We started out with a movement activity to  a song about trains. Above she's doing the "chug a chug a" motions & then the "hands on the head" dance to the song saying "hearing the train sounds"....

And that's the motion for "all around the town!" And then she clapped for herself. She did so good during that activity doin every motion!

Then she got her favorite-the wooden sticks. They clack them together to a song that goes fast & slow. They have to beat them 4 times for the fast part & then 3 times for the slow part-also while changing ways they're clacking them. Rylie clacked them above her head....

...on her feet & lots more I didnt get pictures of! ha Then they did another movement activity they did last week "I've been working on the railroad" where they swing their arms up & then down to the ground.

And we did a group dance. I love this picture of Rylie dancing with her teacher! She didnt want to stand by Mommy for this dance =(

Mommy & Rylie's favorite-quiet time! Rylie always asks for the towel when we first arrive. She loves these rides. It's time to calm down.

Then we did storytime. Rylie was so good, sat still & listened the whole time!
She was excited to get stickers after class too! You would think after a fun, busy class today she woulda passed out right away for nap. Nope! She just talked & sang away in her room. Then she got mad. So I checked on her-dirty diaper. Then she got so wound up she wouldn't go back down.

So this little girl was exhausted by bed time! Look who's been replaced-poor Kitty laying behind her while she hugs her beloved Bob! Awww!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Terrific 2's!

I've gotta say while Rylie turning 2 has brought a few tantrums & some difficulty, it's also been very rewarding! She's at such a fun age! She's learning new things every minute now & just does the cutest things every day!

These pictures were taken last Monday, right at Rylie being 2 years, 3 months, 1 day old. I just didnt have any newer photos to post!

Here are some of Rylie's cute things she's doing now:

-Loves her hair in piggy tails! When I'm putting the first piggy tail in, she points to the other side & says "Udder side peeze!" And then of course asks for "Rylie bow!"
-Points to her plate where she wants her dinner. Her plates have these dividers & she points where she wants her ketchup, crackers, etc. Then says "Yay" after we put it there.
-She's a great little Mommy to her baby dolls. She loves taking them for walks in their strollers, "feeding" them their bottles, holding/rocking them, patting them on the back (they're motorized with a "cry" so she "calms" them down).
-She has started asking for a fork to eat foods she used to eat with her hands. She doesnt like getting her hands dirty.
-Loves to find her reflection in things (well she's been doing this for over a year now with the stove & stuff, but now she really looks for it) and says "Hi Rylie!"
-She started singing a few weeks ago! Guess what her first song to sing was? "Take Me Out to the Ballgame!" David's been singing that to her since she was born! It's like the words have been churning in her head these past 2 years & then one day, all of a sudden, she figured out how to get them out! She hasnt stopped singing it since! She will sing the whole song, minus a few "unimportant" words. hehe I'll try my very best to get a video of it this week,because it's the cutest darn thing!
-She says "bless you" when someone sneezes. I think she got this from Kendall actually! They spend their lunch sometimes going back & forth with "Achoo!" and "Bless you!" hehe
-Loves to give eskimo kisses! My mom taught her this over Christmas.
-She counts to 10 & holds up her fingers as she counts.
-She also recognizes what numbers 0-9 look like, thanks to her number puzzle.
-She knows all the major colors (blue, red, green, orange, yellow, purple, pink, white, black, brown) I dont think we've ever done gray.
-She knows the animals & sounds of puppy, kitty, pig, cow, sheep, monkey, duck, & sometimes remembers horse......what other animals make sounds besides lions/bears?
-She knows the major shapes circle, square, triangle, rectangle, heart, star.
-She says ABC's to G. We're working on the rest now.
-She loves to do puzzles. She got a bunch for Christmas & is very, very good at putting them together by herself.
-She's got a great memory! She's still been asking for "fireworks" everyday since New Year's Eve!
-She has NO patience! She is learnin the hard way that crying doesnt get her what she wants & she always wants something right then & there. Stomping of the feet is usually involved.....and ignored.
-She hates timeout. That's her primary punishment right now. She gets so afraid of it we can usually silence sobs on the spot at the mention of it. When she does have to sit in time out, she starts the hugging on my leg & "I'm sorry Mommy!" It's so heartbreaking! =(
-She's become the biggest chatterbox! That girl couldn't win a quiet contest to save her life! She just nonstop jabbers all the time!

She's just the best little girl we could ask for & I really look forward to what this year brings us with her! Although I've also heard it's the later 2's & 3's which are hardest! lol We might be in for it still!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Weekend in Review

Yall, I really do want to blog more often! I've just been dealing with some computer problems on our desktop at home-the computer with our photoshop & video editing....ya know the major stuff! lol Well, I decided to just go ahead & upload these photos from this weekend on our laptop without editing them so I dont fall more behind!

Friday Rylie & I had a special day together. I took her to breakfast & instead of the usual Shipley we tried a local donut place. We love this place & it's closer!

Then we met our friends Becca & Kendall at our local playground. It was such a pretty day!

Rylie had so much fun swinging & sliding!

Then the girls took one longing look at the pool next to the playground. They cant wait to swim this summer!

And then our sweet girls hugged goodbye!

And held hands walking to the car! They're such sweet BFF's!

Friday evening David got home from his week-long business trip he had in Dallas. He received an award on this trip for being a top salesman! We're so proud of him!

Rylie sure missed her Daddy last week & was so happy to see him again!

After her picture with Daddy she ran over to the stairs & said "cheese!" I think maybe I take too many pictures of her on these stairs & now she expects them every time the camera comes out? hehe

Saturday we went to Dave's mom's house to hang out for a little bit. Rylie loves her rocking chair she got for Christmas! It stays at Mimi's house & keeps her entertained for quite awhile!

And Rylie got Mommy's camera & took this picture herself of Daddy & his Mom! Pretty good for a 2 year old!

Rylie's Uncle Daniel stopped by too! Can you tell he's crazy about her?! hehe

Then on Sunday we hung around the house & did some grocery shopping. Pretty much
a laid-back weekend thank goodness!

On a side note, I went to the Dr today about my stomach. I've been having problems from the November surgery since Christmas with severe pains after every meal. Hopefully we're getting me fixed up! We'll see! And I never mentioned it before but I'm really bummed my last meal before getting sick with gallstones was Asian. My favorite food used to be Pei Wei & now I cant even think about it without feeling sick. =( I hate when my favorite foods get ruined like this!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Back to Kindermusik!

Rylie started back in the Spring Kindermusik yesterday! She has sure missed Miss Sandy's class & her friends here! They started a new lesson all about transportation. This class was about trains! They did an "I've been working on the railroad" movement activity (picture above).

Then they did another movement activity where they heard the train going fast & had to do a quick shuffle.....

....and then freeze when the train stopped. Rylie kept putting her hands behind her back for the freeze part!
Then they did some listening activities with train sounds, storytime with a train book, quiet time with towel rides, & another movement activity dance & another with the wood sticks! Rylie did great in all the activities & participated completely by herself! Especially on the wood sticks, she really got down the "fast" & "slow" parts good!

And at the end of class she got her new materials for take home, including her own harmonica with music to play songs on it! We're very excited about this session of Kindermusik! Can you believe the next session after this one she'll be in a class all by herself, no Mommy! I dont know how I'm going to take to that. ha!

If you're new to our blog, you can learn more about Kindermusik & find a class near you at Some locations have evenings & weekends available too!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dress up

David got Rylie out of her bed from her nap the other day & decided to go ahead with the bath early. Then I hear them coming down the stairs & in walks this beautiful dressed-up little girl! David likes to dress her up sometimes & I think it's so cute! He did a great job coming up with this outfit too.

She started dancing with her Daddy. I love these moments!

I love how she's looking up at him. So sweet!

Pretty girl