Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Waco Weekend Continued...

On Sunday we got to hang out with some friends before heading back to Houston. We met our friend Shelly for lunch at Panera, and sadly her daughter Kinley couldn't join us because she's got bronchitis!

Then us girls did a little shopping in the outdoor mall there. It was great seeing ya Shelly & we hope Kinley gets better soon! We missed seeing her!

Later that night we met our friends Vince, Mary, & Malia for dinner. Now here's some good news & bad news.....the good news is Vince got a great new job that's a wonderful opportunity for him & his family. The bad news it they're moving away. =( This was most likely our last chance to meet up with them in Waco.

I think Rylie's mad in this picture that she wont get to play with Malia for at least a long time!

But we're very happy for you guys & wish yall the best of luck on your new chapter in life! We're gonna miss yall but hopefully we can visit yall sometime or vice versa!

After dinner we made the drive back home to Houston. We had a great weekend in Waco & now we're ready for the holidays here!

PS Thanks for the input on the pumpkins! I guess I outta just suck it up & toss them....I just hate wasting things. Oh well! They're just pumpkins! hehe

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