Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Waco Family Christmas

We drove to Waco Saturday morning for my family's Christmas festivities!
First we stopped for lunch with my sister. My mom couldn't pass up a chance for a Rylie fix, so she joined too.

We exchanged gifts with my sister after lunch. She loves her new fry daddy we got her! She's a cheese-stick addict like David! ha

Aunt Sarah got Rylie an adorable princess hooded towel & some cute shirts that we love!

Then we checked into our hotel. Rylie was very happy we brought the portable DVD player & her "Bob" (Veggie Tales) movies!

Then we headed out to my Aunt Valerie & Uncle Keith's house to see my Dad's side of the family!
We ate right when we got there & then the little ones got to open their presents.

Rylie had fun opening this gift in this huge bag that was the size of her!

Oh she loves her new blocks! She immediately pushed that thing all around their house!

More present-opening for the kiddos.

Aunt Valerie helping Isaac open some of his gifts.

Oooh! Rylie got her very own pink laptop!

And she immediately started playing with it. My family kept saying she's gonna be starting her own blog now! ha

Group shot of everybody in the living room-left view...(notice Rylie on her laptop)

..and to the right.

Oh look I was there too! Helping Rylie open another present.

And then back to the laptop again!

Then we started the traditional gift exchange game (white elephant, chinese gift, whatever ya wanna call it!) We do a boys game & a girls game. So much fun! My brother opened this mug first & my dad quickly stole it from him on his turn (this whole family loves the Cowboys!) My dad was very happy with that mug...

But then my brother opened a new gift & had it stolen from my cousin! So he then stole back the mug from my dad!

And he was very happy with this mug!

But then my dad stole Jack's gift, so he in return stole the mug from my brother!! That mug then became frozen (3 steals is the limit). It was fun to see the guys stealing for a change. They're usually boring, unlike us girls!

My aunt Rose Ann opened this adorable snowman candle! Well, hehe I collect snowmen!

So I stole it from her!

And she was giving me a mean face...

...but then she ended up with the necklace set I brought so she was ok with that! haha
Aside from the fun gift game, we had a good turnout which I was so happy with since we didnt do this last year! Here's a few more guest photos.

My dad & Karen

Karen & Isaac

My brother Donny & Allison

Me & my Aunt Tressa

My cousin Vanessa & her boyfriend Jack (the DC mug winner)

And Rylie had so much fun with my cousin's wife Katie! She was the kid magnet! Rylie wanted to copy everything Katie did & got to laughing so hard!

They were so hilarious!

Finally Rylie gave it up though & fell asleep!
We kept going pretty late though....

....and Daddy soon joined her!

I'm so glad we got to see our family for Christmas this year! I want to also ask for some prayers for my Uncle David. He had some sort of spell during our gathering & had to be taken to the hospital. He's barely getting released today & we still dont know what happened, but it was pretty scary. So please include him in your prayers.

Hope you all have a wonderful holiday!


Becca - www.thatstoocute.net said...

It looks like ya'll had such a fun time. What a great family Christmas!! I'm so glad that you got to see all of your family too. I know it meant a lot to you to have everyone there!!

Kendall got the same pink laptop last year. She loves to sit hers on the table with her cell phone & pretend like she's busy at work like Mommy & Daddy! He He! I'm sure Rylie's Blog will be just as precious!! Kendall will email her pics! he he

Rosie said...

Looks like ya'll had such a great time, esp. Rylie! I enjoyed all the pics. And I'll keep your Uncle in my prayers. Have a great Christmas!

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Savi has those same blocks and loves them! Looks like a great time! I'm sorry about your uncle...praying for him!