Monday, December 7, 2009

Snow Amazing!

This past Friday, Rylie & I woke up to SNOW! In HOUSTON!
I was so excited I jumped up & threw on my robe. Rylie was following me around like "I dont know what we're excited about, but I'm excited!" We looked out the front door & it was just some small flurries, but still nice to have in Houston.

Then Rylie & I went out to her Dr appointment. She still had to get that Hib shot they'd been out of & we also decided to go ahead with the H1N1 vaccine for her. We dont want to take any more chances of major illnesses right now! After her shots, I took her to Shipley to get a donut. She loved that chocolate frosted donut!

When we got home, Rylie helped Mommy decorate the Christmas tree! It kept snowing outside & finally started to stick! We kept going to the front door to look at it. Then it was Rylie's lunch time & I was going to let her come out after her nap & play, but I was worried the snow would be done by then. So after eating, she got to go out & play!

I'm sad I didnt get more pictures, but we didnt stay out too long. I forgot how snow makes your clothes so wet! haha Mostly I'm sad that I was too busy to get to really enjoy playing in the snow with my daughter the one day the snow was here. We were just too busy inside getting ready for company & putting Christmas decorations up. It's been really hard catching up on things since being in the hospital a few weeks back. Maybe we'll get lucky & it'll snow again??


Shay said...

Ahhh snow! How beautiful!

Becca - said...

Awww! I almost called to see if Rylie wanted to come over & play in the snow. It's rare in Texas! Ha!

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

I know we got some too! So fun!